Norwegian Black Metal Band ‘Luteøks’ (Grave Declaration Members) Releases 2 New Songs


Barely true Norwegian black metal band Luteøks is a side project of Grave Declaration members. They just checked in with the following:

“We’re so true we made 2 songs in 1 night. The first one ‘Ljåen’ wasn’t black enough, so we made a song called ‘Svart.’

Check out the two songs in the video’s below.


The band consists of: Halsbrann – Slitur strengur, Count Sodax – Slitur strengur, Lord Schlickan – Bangur strengur, Skinnlaus – Hamrir skinnur, Vredeskinnet von Vandrekneip – Brennur lungur.

Weblinks: Facebook 

Video for: ‘Svart’

Video for: ‘Ljåen’


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