Nordic Mission signs Norwegian Black Metal Band ‘Cloth’ (Members from Stronghold, Dalit and Aspiration)


Nordic Mission proudly presents Cloth, a black metal band from the South/West of Norway. The band will release theit “Axis Mundi” EP on May 30th.

Axis Mundi is here to take you through a journey of the hopelessness of humankind we all feel. It confronts what has led us to where we are, and to what end we all are coming closer to – with a strong philosophical and allegorical backbone behind it all.

The sounds these thoughts create are filled with anger and melancholy combined with dark melodies, furious riffs and infuriated, regretful vocals. Norway’s own Cloth delivers to you a piece of furious black metal with a doomy attitude through and through, possibly hailing from their previous work in Dalit and Aspiration. You can also hear the musical influences from bands such as Satyricon, Drottnar or even My Dying Bride or Anathema. The 4 track EP is now available for pre-order!

1. Ghost Town
2. Signifiant
3. Ad Baculum
4. Ouroboros

Preorder Here

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