Entire Nordic Fest 2020 – “Not Yielding to Covid-19” Edition Available (Video)


Last Saturday (Nov. 14th), it was time for the “Not Yielding to Covid-19” Edition of Nordic Fest. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this year was slightly different from previous years: only one day, no crowd, fewer bands, and this one could be watched from all over the world through a live stream.

The three performing bands, Melech, Renascent & Pantokrator gave a performance from the rehearsal room. And in between various video clips and video footage of staff members of Nordic Fest/Nordic Mission. Also video messages from festival organizers from other countries. And a special video message from legendary metal band Living Sacrifice!!

Did you miss this, no problem. In the video below you can watch back the entire program of this special Nordic Fest “Not Yielding to Covid-19” edition.

0:12:10 Pantokrator – Crossroads (from upcoming (“Marching out of Babylon”)
0:27:00 Melech LIVE STREAM (a lot from “Melech Ha Olam”)
1:18:35 Skald in Veum – As Wolves Among Sheep (from “Stridslysten”)
1:36:10 Renascent LIVE STREAM (a lot from “Praise of the Lord God Almighty”)
2:24:22 Cloth – Ghost Town (from “Axis Mundi” EP)
3:44:15 The Weakening – Weakening Thoughts (from “Chains of Plato”)
3:56:50 Pantokrator LIVE STREAM (a lot from upcoming “Marching out of Babylon”)
4:47:15 ISTJERN!!!!!!

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