New ‘Soulspell’ Song Available For Streaming ‘Change the Tide’


The third full-length album from the Brazilian power metal opera project Soulspell, entitled Hollow’s Gathering, will be released in Europe and North America on October 12 through Inner Wound Recordings. Listen below to Change the Tide.

The album contains 10 tracks and features incredible guest appearances from metal icons such as Tim “Ripper” Owens [ex. Judas Priest, Iced Earth], Blaze Bayley [Iron Maiden], Michael Vescera [Obsession, ex. Loudness, Malmsteen], Markus Grosskopf [Helloween], Amanda Sommerville [Avantasia], Matt Smith [Theocracy] and many more, “Hollow’s Gathering” is an epic metal album filled with fantastic performances and nice diversity. 

Soulspell Metal Opera is a Brazilian Heavy Metal project conceived by drummer Heleno Vale. Many singers play different characters in a story concerning the conflicts among human emotions in a way never broached before.
These characters face situations of internal conflict as they are requested for making decisions which, without their knowledge, affect and change the course of the present, future, and even past of all the other characters. Although the story takes place in the present, many historic events are also tangled in it. Soulspell story intends to make us wonder how a fifteen-year-old boy, a powerful evil dragon, or even a simple humble lumberjack, by simply living and believing, can interfere in the lives of all in every possible dimension.

The first Soulspell album “A Legacy of Honor” was released in 2008, and the second one “The Labyrinth of Truths” during 2010. Both albums were released in Asia by Spiritual Beast, in Brazil by Hellion and in Europe and North America by Inner Wound Recordings.

Now Soulspell is finally here with ACT III in their Metal Opera, with the album entitled “Hollow’s Gathering” that we present to you now. This album takes everything up a notch from their previous albums, and displays are more mature writing from Heleno Vale combined with a perfect production, which makes this the strongest Soulspell album up to date, without any question.

The excellent song-writing from project founder Heleno Vale, together with the excellent performances from all the members and guests involved and the top-notch production of the album, definitely makes “Hollow’s Gathering” a wet dream for fans of epic power metal. Don’t miss out!

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01. Hollow’s Gathering
02. A Rescue Into the Storm
03. To Crawl Or to Fly
04. Anymore
05. Adrian’s Call
06. Change the Tide
07. From Hell
08. The Keeper’s Game
09. The Dead Tree
10. Whispers Inside You


Amanda Somerville [Avantasia, Trillium]
Blaze Bayley [ex. Iron Maiden]
Carlos Zema [ex. Outworld]
Daísa Munhoz [Vandroya]
Gui Antonioli
Iuri Sanson [Hibria]
Jefferson Albert [Vandroya]
Leandro Caçoilo [ex. Eterna]
Lígia Ishitani
Lucas Martins
Manuela Saggioro
Mário Pastore [Pastore]
Matt Smith [Theocracy]
Michel Souza
Michael Vescera [ex. Loudness, Yngwie Malmsteen, Animetal USA]
Nando Fernandes [ex. Hangar]
Pedro Campos
Tito Falaschi [Almah]
Tim “Ripper” Owens [ex. Judas Priest, Iced Earth]
Victor Emeka

Cleiton Carvalho – Guitar
Edu Santos – Drums
Fábio Laguna – Keyboards
Fernando Giovannetti – Bass
Frank Tischer [Avantasia, Edguy] – Piano
Gabriel Magioni – Keyboards
Gabriel Viotto – Drums
Heleno Vale – Drums
Leandro Erba – Guitar
Marco Lambert [Vandroya] – Guitar
Markus Grosskopf – Bass
Rodolfo Pagotto [Vandroya] – Guitar
Rollie Feldman [Circle II Circle] – Guitar
Thiago Amendola – Guitar
Tito Falaschi [Almah] – Bass

2012: Hollow’s Gathering [Inner Wound Recordings]
2010: The Labyrinth of Truths [Inner Wound Recordings]
2008: A Legacy of Honor [Inner Wound Recordings]

Mixed by: Matt Smith [Theocracy] at Theocracized Studios
Mastered by: Miro at Gate Studio [Kamelot, Rhapsody, Avantasia]
Produced by: Tito Falaschi [Angra, Almah]
Artwork by: Felipe Machado Franco [Blind Guardian, Rhapsody of Fire, Iced Earth]

Hollow’s Gathering is available for pre-ordering at the Inner Wound Store

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