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Check out a new snippet of Becoming the Archetype‘s new remix! Stream the Magnetic World (Giant Robot Remix) on the band’s Facebook page. The song appears on the band’s 6 song Celestial Progression remix EP.

Atlanta, Georgia metallurgists Becoming The Archetype  are prolonging the magic with the release of a digital-only remix EP, Celestial Progression, out next week April 17 on Solid State Records.

Crafted by Nashville electronica collective Born of Water and Chicago producer Giant Robot [who also contributed sitar to Celestial Completion], the six-song EP finds Becoming The Archetype once again defying expectations and stretching the boundaries of metal music with a challenging and rewarding set of remixes that range from adrenaline-pumping to industrial to atmospheric.

“I’ve been a fan of good remixes of heavy music for a long time,” says Becoming The Archetype guitarist Seth Hecox. “The great thing is that I told these guys to make the songs their own thing, and that’s exactly what they did. Each remix sounds like its own song and each remix is very exciting to listen to, bringing out a different emotion.”

“I’ve fallen in love with these six tracks and I know everyone who buys this album will too,” Hecox adds. “Any fan of ‘Celestial Completion’ is going to be blown away and adore what these remixes bring out of their originals.”

With their fourth full-length album, 2011’s Celestial CompletionBecoming The Archetype took wildly ferocious metal and pushed it to its breaking point. There are horns. There is Middle Eastern sitar. There is a choir of sopranos. There are haunting piano dirges. Safe, paint-by-numbers metal it was not. Highwire Daze called the album “nothing short of a masterpiece, while Metal Hammer praised the band’s “massive songs, massive ideas and a massive array of instruments,” while calling Becoming The Archetype “the cleverest band ever to use death metal as a reference point and add a brass section.”

In october/november 2011 Becoming The Archetype and winter metal band Immortal Souls from Finland toured trough Europe with the World Domination Tour.  Pictures from their Brainstorm Festival show [Netherlands] can be found HERELast month [Dec. 6th.] BTA released a special Christmas song Oh Holy Night [The video can be seen at this location].

Current Line Up:
Chris – Vocals
Seth – Guitar, Keyboard, Clean Vocals
Daniel – Guitar, Vocals
Michael – Drums
Codey – Bass

2005:  Terminate Damnation
2007:  The Physics of Fire
2008:  Dichotomy
2011:  Celestial Completion
2012: Celestial Progression EP [April]
2012: Album #5 is scheduled to be recorded!

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