Neversatan – “Walking Into The Cold Night”


neversatan EPIt took about 10 years since the start of the recordings, but finally the legendary Neversatan released its first official phonograph record, the full length “Walking In The Cold Night”.

The album contains 05 tracks (2 instrumental) a total of more than 40 minutes of Doom Metal Symphonic combining passages (very) slow with other faster, showing that the range of influences of musicians Cassio Antestor (voice / guitar) and Daniel Horde (drums) is extensive and covers various styles of underground harvest.

As the material was recorded long ago and was shelved until this year, of course some production details could be better, such as occurred during the participation of the singer Thalita Chaves Amaral  in ‘Mythological Cry’ range. Her voice was slightly higher than the instrumental, but it’s nothing that takes the shine of this work.

The three tracks with vocals are long, all beyond the barrier of 10 minutes long, but the good thing is it’s not something forced or dull, all things work together for an introspective mood occurs, leading the listener to relaxation and mental rest (for incredible as it may seem). If you like the style will find a real gem in this sound work but if it is not something you like, worth the vote of confidence from at least give a listen.

Highlights on this album are the vocalizations of Cassio and orchestrations / keyboards made by the producer Wesley Amaral, besides the participation of the musician Lord Of The Night (Dark Woods, Host, Lord Of The Night, Hungry Vultures) on the track ‘Time Tempest Of The Dark Village’.


Written by Márllon Matos

Track list:
1. Intro (02:15)
2. Walking In The Cold Night (10:58)
3. Mythological Cry (10:52)
4. Solitude (12:05)
5. Time Tempest Of The Dark Village (05:24)

Record Label: Extreme Records/ Alerta Records, 2014

Buy the album here:
 First Paradox 
 Nordic Mission

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