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MyChildren Mybride are originating from Madison, Alabama (US). Since I first heard Mychildren Mybride, this band never had something special to me. Their debut album ‘Unbreakable’ was packed with average metalcore and their most recent album was not much better. In fact: the production left to be desired and that what was the most captivate of their previous release ‘Lost Boy’, was the cover art. Will things have improved on their newest, self-titled album?

Maybe you can say ‘Mychildren Mybride’ is a bit of a restart of their sound. Even though the metal influences are still incorporated (e.g. ‘Black Cloud’, ‘God Of Nothing’), the hardcore influences are the strongest. It brings a much heavier and darker sound with more emotional layers. A good example of it is ‘Anathema’. And although writing a follow-up may seem as a sign of creative anaemia, in the case of ‘On Wings Of Integrity Part II’ it is not the case. There is some room for melodic chords as well (‘SAMCRO’) and you will come across gang vocals regularly. The amount of breakdowns is enormous and that is not always a good thing, as it makes the song structures too predictable. So yeah, it is not only roses on the new album. The whole may sound heavier, the diversity on the album is too low to fascinate. Tracks like ‘No One Cares, No One Listens’, ‘God Of Nothing’ and ‘Hell Or High Water’ are simply too monotonous. And that’s exactly the Achilles heel of MyChildren Mybride.

From their start MyChildren Mybride can be labelled as too average, too monotone… and that problem is not being solved on their new album as well. Although a step forward, definitely compared to their previous release, to me ‘Mychildren Mybride’ is just too shallow to be interesting in the long run.

Rating: 65/100

Written by Patrick

Track list:
On Wings Of Integrity Pt. 2
God Of Nothing
The Endless
Black Cloud
Hell Or High Water
No One Listens, No One Cares

Matthew Hasting – Vocals
Robert Bloomfield – Guitars
Hunter Wells – Lead guitar
Joe Lengson – Bass
Mathis Arnell – Drums

Record Label: Solid State Records, March 2012

Weblinks: Facebook / Myspace / Purevolume

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