My Place Was Taken ‘Silent Scream’ – Exclusive Video Premiere


Mexican metal band My Place Was Taken have teamed up with The Metal Resource to bring you the exclusive premiere of their new music video for ‘Silent Scream’ from the upcoming release e.p. “Moloch’s Altar” which will be released on Rottweiler Records.

My Place Was Taken guitarist, Abraham Barberi comment:

“This new song and video is about giving a voice to the voiceless. They are screaming but hardly anyone hears them. Our new music is heavier than ever because we wanted to write brutal songs with a brutal message. This new one, Silent Scream is definitely going to make people uncomfortable, and that’s exactly what we are aiming for.”

The video can be seen below.

My Place Was Taken are a Deathcore – Hardcore band out of Matamoros, Mexico. We like to call our music style “Matamoroscore.” Although we write heavy and brutal deathcore, our lyrics portray a message of Hope, Faith, and Love!

In 2014, vocalist Jesus Salas and guitarist Abraham Barberi met to talk about the violence, drugs, and crime devastating their border town of Matamoros, Mexico. They noticed that there is a segment of their culture in Matamoros that is heavily affected by drugs, alcohol and violence: The metal scene. They decided that it was time for a new, brutal band to form and take the gospel message of hope and peace to the local metal scene in Matamoros, and close towns.

As Salas and Barberi began recruiting musicians, they had two conditions besides being a committed musician: to love God and to love others. In the middle of 2015 they released their first EP, “My Place Was Taken”, which garnered the band enough attention in Mexico that they began gigging not only away from home, but across the USA border. The following year, in 2016 My Place Was Taken entered a more professional recording studio in McAllen, Texas to record a six song e.p. titled, “Imparables”. This recording also saw the new additions of Helix Nebula on bass and Daniel Castaneda on drums.

The name My Place Was Taken comes from Mark 15:5-15 where we see the unconditional love of The Lord and His willingness to take the place of sinners by willingly dying for them on a cross. The name of the band reflects the mission to take the most amazing love story in history to the darkest places, telling people that God does not hate them. A message of hope, love and redemption through Jesus Christ is the band’s modus operandi.

During a tour date in Irapuato, Mexico My Place Was Taken shared the stage with Grave Robber, whose front man is Rottweiler Records’ label owner. My Place Was Taken’s shared vision was apparent enough to warrant a partnership with Rottweiler Records, thus their debut e.p. “Imparables” was unleashed to the world!

Now, the band releases their most intense, brutal offering to date, ‘Silent Scream.’

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