‘Monotheist’ To Release EP In May, New Song Available For Streaming ‘Elegy of the Sleepwalkers’


monotheistMonotheist from Florida have posted a new song Elegy of the Sleepwalkers. The song is taken from their forth-coming 6 track EP Genesis of Perdition, it will be self-released on May 21The song can be streamed below.

The band commented: “It is the culmination of four years of work and serves as a segue to our next full length down the road. Fans of the band may have heard demo versions of some of the songs floating around on the net for years and now they will be available in their official studio versions.The new EP was mostly recorded at Prophet’s Unforsaken Studios, with the drums being recorded at Studio 18 in Winter Park, Florida and mastering by Erik Tordsson. The eerie artwork was handled by Gabriel Neale.”

Shigionoth Records re-released their 2007 album Unforsaken last November. To read our album review click here.

Lyrics for: “Elegy of the Sleepwalkers”

A system built upon greed
A virus left to its own devices
Exacerbating its mode of destruction
Decadence from within

Perpetual lust for power
A never-ceasing desire to conquer all

Corruption thrives
On the allegiance of the ignorant
Beclouding a multitude of minds
Rendering a profound slumber
Deepening throughout the ages

Enslaving the ones it vows to destroy
Leading the sleepwalkers
Unto fiery graves

Resistance subdued
The winds of vicissitude
Vanquished to oblivion

The illusion of liberty bestowed
False nectar
To satiate their barren spirits

Inducing waking coma
Drained of all livelyhood
Derelict and bare
Bereft of future and hope
Greed thrives and lives on endlessly
An illness of our own design

Thoughts of freedom hoped for
Lead deeper into enslavement
The souls of the world in shackles
Servile to the ones we have condoned

The Truth will set them free

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1. Genesis of Perdition [Prelude]
2. Subzero
3. Elegy of the Sleepwalkers
4. Feeding on Pestilence
5. Altar of Vanity
6. The Great Awakening

 Upcoming Shows:
Mar 28 Church w/ Those Who Fear, Kissimmee, FL
Apr 28 Will’s Pub, Orlando, FL

Band members:
Shiv – Vocals
Prophet – Guitar
Cooper Bates – Drums/Vocals
Christian Martinez – Guitar

Unforsaken [2007]
Unforsaken, re-issue [2012]

Weblinks: Facebook / Reverbnation / Twitter

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