‘Miseration’ To Record Third Album


Scandinavian death metal band Miseration issued the following message.

“Hi all! In about 2½ months we will start recording what is going to be our 3rd installment (album-title tba), since the start back in 2006. For this one Marko Tervonen (The Crown) has been tapped to helm production-duties, at his own MT studios, located in Trollhättan, Sweden. Christian and Marko have known each other since the mid-’90s, so this will not be the first time their roads cross each other. For instance, initially, Christian was the second guitarist of Angel Blake, which is another band of Marko’s!

“Here is what Mr. Tervonen has to say for himself: ‘F*** yeah, kick ass!!! Looking forward producing the next Miseration album, godamnit! My homeboy Christian Älvestam’s band. Not so many people know, but me, Christian and a few others (!, oh so mysterious famous people) actually had a secret project going on around 2003, where we recorded some tunes in the style of Katatonia, Paradise Lost etc… Really good stuff if you ask me, but it (for some reason) stayed in the C: Well, nevertheless. I’m really looking forward getting my hands extra dirty producing their hardcore Death Metal!! Let the  motherf*******  hammering begin!’

“As for post-production, mastering duities will once again be taken care of by our good friend maestro Plec!

“Last, but not least, we are sad to announce that we have parted ways, on a friendly basis, with our buddy Rolf Pilve. This desicion has nothing to do with personal conflicts or anything like that. This is simply the result of Rolf living in Finland, being a member of several hard-working Finnish bands, unfortunately leaving him very little time to focus on Miseration. This will however not affect any of the other collaborations Rolf, Christian and Jani have got going together. Rolf’s replacement will be announced shortly! More news as it happens!”

Miseration is:

Christian Älvestam – vocals
Marcus “Skägget” Bertilsson – guitar
Jani Stefanovic – guitar
Rolf Pilve – drums

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