‘Miseration’ Post Update On New Album


Scandinavian death metal band Miseration has released so far two albums, Your Demons – Their Angels [2007], The Mirroring Shadow [2009]. Currently they are working on their third album, probably for a release somewhere in 2012?

We’re happy to tell the material for the new album is shaping up rather well. We currently have around 6 songs of various types, in the making and we’re aiming at including 8 songs, in total.

This album will be our first one with Oscar behind the drum kit and man, just judging by his efforts on the pre-productional stuff, you may rest assured that this album will contain some insanely cool drumming (you’re a technical beast bro;))! More news as it happens! /Miseration

Miseration consists of:  Christian Älvestam – vocals, Marcus “Skägget” Bertilsson – guitar, Jani Stefanovic – guitar, Oscar Nilsson – drums. The band issued the following update.

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