Michael W. Stand – “3 Song Acoustic Series” (ep)


ThumperPunk Records continues their ongoing series of punk artists performing three acoustic songs with Michael W. Stand’s contribution.

ThumperPunk is proving to not only be persistent with this series, but also showing how serious they are with this latest addition to the series.  Michael W. Stand is essentially a legendary figure in terms of Christian punk/alternative circles, having been in the Altar Boys back in the early 1980’s, moving on to Clash of Symbols in the 90’s and now the rockabilly Altar Billies, all of which showcased his vocal and guitar talents.  With this three song acoustic album, Stand brings in some country influence in this collection of songs featuring just a long guitar and vocal.

As with other contributions to this series, one can expect a stripped-down sound that really allows the vocals and emotions behind the songs to come through and Michael W. Stand makes the most of this situation.  Perfectly fitting with the cover for the ep, the sound is a vintage one that is definitely rare these days.  Lyrics to “Worlds Burning” that focus on the state of the world today are really the only giveaway that this is not an older recording as that would have been a bit out of place in the late 50’s-60’s.  “Long, Long Road” has a great rockabilly/gospel vibe to it and Stand’s smooth, clear vocals are a perfect for the track.  As Stand is s a big fan of trains, the final track “Locomotive Don’t Pass Me By” just plain makes sense to be included and the clean, electric guitar solo is a perfect fit, showing how one can bring in modern elements and maintain a vintage feel.

What is here is a great collection of songs that Stand can likely also easily incorporate into the Altar Billies’ set should he so desire.  Elements of country, gospel, and rockabilly are expertly blended together, with Stand’s vocals further strengthening the mix.

Rating: 8/10

Written by John Jackson

Track listing:
1. World Burning
2. Long, Long Road
3. Locomotive Don’t Pass Me By

Band Members
Michael W. Stand – all instruments and vocals

Record Label: ThumperPunk Records, June 2017

Weblinks: Facebook / Bandcamp

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