‘Metanoia’ Releases New Album ‘Retroceder Nunca’ On ‘Thumper Punk Records’


Energetic, uplifting, skate punk sound that is guaranteed to get you moving. The band’s name Metanoia means the change in focus, mind and life brought about by Jesus, and that exuberance is put to music by Benjamin Lopez (bass, lead vocals), Diego Rivera (lead guitar, backing vocals), Claudio Bolivar (rhythm guitar) and Cristobal Lopez (drums).

The album title translates to “No Retreat,” which perfectly describes their melodic blend of Millencolin, Dogwood, Craig’s Brother, and Pennywise. Sung entirely in Spanish, TPR guarantees that you will love Metanoia’s album “Retroceder Nunca” or TPR will refund your money*. Awesome in any language:

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1. Evidente (3:55)
2. Retroceder Nunca (2:56)
3. Inútil (3:38)
4. Peluquero (3:40)
5. Día Nuevo (4:14)
6. Te Amo (3:31)
7. Este Es Tu Hogar (3:23)
8. Otra Dimensión (4:13)
9. No Me Avergüenzo (3:51)
10. Sin Palabras (3:17)

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