‘Metal For A Dark World’ Teamed Up With ‘Nokternal Hemizphear’ [‘Neizbezhnost’ News]


Metal For A Dark World issued the following update:

A lot has been happening on the Metal For A Dark World and the Neizbezhnost front!  We now have official distribution not only through our site, but also via Nokternal Hemizphear!

Plus, we are now offering digital downloads, and digital downloads are now available from most of your favorite online outlets, including iTunes, eMusic and soon Amazon.com!

Neizbezhnost recently played a live show that was recorded for TV called Rock Fest in the Ukraine, and we have a video of it to share with you!   This video is going out to you and to Neizbezhnost fans first, and will eventually be posted on other sites.  But, we wanted fans to be able to view it first!  So, without further adeiu, here is a link to the video (site is in Russian, you can have the page translated if you’d like).  The first few songs are by Neizbezhnost!  But, they are not playing any songs from their new album. Nevertheless, it’s cool to see them playing live! Click here.

[Listen below to a great song from their debut album titled Stop Playing With Devilry].
Just so everyone is not confused, there are both physical copies of the CD left, that come with the 16 page full-color booklet with English lyrics and photos of the band.  These CD’s are available at only 2 locations:

1.  Metal For A Dark World
2.  Nokternal Hemizphear 

Digital Downloads (no booklet) are available from (or will soon be available from):

1.  Metal For A Dark World (only $7.50 USD – save $2-$3 if you download the entire album)
2.  iTunes worldwide
3.  Spotify (UK, US)
4.  Zune (worldwide)
5.  eMusic.com (worldwide)
6.  Rhapsody
7.  Amazon.com (worldwide – in about 1 more week)
8.  Several other online stores around the world!!

Thanks again for being a fan of Metal For A Dark World and of Neizbezhnost!  Watch for more news to come soon, and enjoy the special premiere video!!

Keep It Metal \m/
Until next next time,
Metal For A Dark World

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