‘Metal Community Sweden’ & ‘Doolittle Group’ To Release ‘The Metal For Jesus’ Compilation


MetalForJesus_pic_Johannes_Christian‘Metal Community Sweden’ & ‘Doolittle Group’ presents ‘The Metal For Jesus’ Compilation. The Metal For Jesus album is a 17 track compilation album and a good introduction to Christian metal from Sweden featuring bands as Narnia, Divinefire, Golden Resurrection, Audiovision and Modest Attraction. The album will be released worlwide August 30.

The man behind this album vision and concept to release “The Metal For Jesus” album is Johannes Jonsson who has written the liner notes in the booklet and also chosen each and every song. Johannes runs the Metal Community in Sweden who is a driving force for Christian Metal in Scandinavia.

Melodic metal band who has released 6 studio album, 1 live album and 1 live DVD with good success and topped metal charts in magazines. The band have been touring with Ronnie James Dio, Statovarius, Sonata Arctica to name a few. One of the most loved Christian metal bands around.

This was from the beginning solo project by Christian Liljegren who invited lots of guests on the first album ”The Calling” featuring members from Kiss, Whitesnake, Europe, Yngwie Malmsteen´s Rising Force. In 2009 Audiovision became a touring band and released their 2nd album Focus who received good feedback. Audiovision were touring together with Stryper in Sweden and Germany 2010.

This metal band was creating a metal style where they blended melodic metal with extreme metal elements in a unique combination. The band has released 5 studio albums and topped metal charts in metal magazines. They also did a successful was tour in Japan. Metal lovers around the world love their fast symphonic metal with harder elements.

Golden Resurrection
This neoclassical power metal band formed by Christian Liljegren (Narnia) and Tommy ReinXeed vocalist and guitarist from power metal band ReinXeed. Golden Resurrection have released 3 studio albums and their latest one ”One Voice For The Kingdom” has received great feedback in metal media and been touring in Sweden, Norway, Finland & Germany.

Modest Attraction
This band existed between 1991-1997 playing 70´s influenced hardrock like Deep Purple, Rainbow, The Sweet & Uriah Heep and they also played together with Uriah Heep and Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple, Black Sabbath) and did several tours in Europe . The band will do a special show October 26, 2013 in Sweden with the original line-up. The band released 2 studio albums and 1 mini album.


1. Narnia – People of the Bloodred Cross – Taken from Enter The gate album
2. Narnia – Living Water – Taken from Long Live The King album
3. Narnia – Long Live The King – Taken from Long Live The King album
4. Audiovision – The Way – Taken from the Focus album
5. Audiovision – The Way – We Will Go – Taken from the Focus album
6. Divinefire – Divinefire – Taken from the Hero album
7. Divinefire – Live My Life For You – Taken from the Glory Thy Name album
8. Golden Resurrection – Proud To Wear The Holy Cross taken from Glory To My King album
9. Modest Attraction – Down On My Knees taken from the The Truth In Your Face album
10. Golden Resurrection – The Final Day Taken from Glory To My King album
11. Golden Resurrection – God’s Mercy – Taken from One Voice For The Kingdom album
12. Golden Resurrection – Never Surrender – Taken from Eye Of The Storm album
13. Golden Resurrection – Flaming Youth – Taken from the Man with A Mission album
14. Golden Resurrection – Golden Resurrection – Taken from the One Voice For The Kingdom album
15. Divinefire – Open Your Eyes – Taken from the Hero album
16. Divinefire – Bright Morning Star – Taken from the Eye Of The Storm album
17. Divinefire – The Way To Eternity – Taken from Glory Thy Name album

Enjoy the metal power with a heavenly message!

Weblinks: Doolittle / MetalCommunitySweden

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