Metal Band ‘Forevermore’ Release New Song ‘Nascent’, New Album “Integral” Coming July 22nd.


forevermore_1_679American metal band Forevermore has just released their new song. You can check out the video for ‘Nascent’ below. The song is from the band’s upcoming new album “Integral” which is due out on July 22nd via Solid State Records.

The concept behind Integral has to do with the development of the human mind – how it changes and evolves over time. It is based on the theory of Spiral Dynamics, which tells us that humanity as a whole has gone through a series of major shifts in our way of thinking, each of which was an adaptation to the conditions created by the previous stage. The record chronicles the perspective of a man who has been granted immortality, allowing him to witness and embody the thought ways of each of these stages as they arose in human history.

Each stage of Spiral Dynamics is arbitrarily assigned a color, and each song on the record correlates with one of those colors. “Nascent” is the first full song on the record, and represents the first stage in Spiral Dynamics – the “Beige” mode of consciousness. The song depicts the immortal man’s perspective from within the relentless struggle for survival experienced by the earliest humans. This way of life was so dangerous and unforgiving that most of our mental energy was directed towards mere survival.

Spiral Dynamics also tells us that we all go through this same sequence of mental stages as individuals, and there can be healthy and unhealthy expressions of each of them. We all enter into the world within Beige as infants, and we may be forced to revert into this survivalist mode under life-threatening conditions.

Millions of people across the globe are forced to regress into Beige due to extreme stress or trauma: mentally ill street people, victims of warfare and natural distastes, sufferers of extreme poverty and deprivation, etc. One of our goals with this song and video is to call attention to the plight of people forced to revert into an unhealthy expression of the Beige “survival mode”, and to shed light on the ways that those of us inhabiting later stages of the Spiral may be contributing to this mental regression.

The band is comprised of: Kramer Lowe – vocals (ex-Onward to Olympas, ex-Caught in Line of Fire), Jared Storm – guitar (ex-The Onset), Alex Smith – guitar (ex-The Onset), Michael Taylor – bass (ex-Wings of a Martyr), Sammy Vaughn – drums.

Integral (2016)

01. I
02. Nascent
03. Noumina
04. Overlord
05. Order
06. Enterprise
07. Empath
08. Ikigai
09. Prism
10. Pandemica
11. Integral

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Video below: ‘Nascent’

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