‘Melech’ (Pantokrator Members) Releases Rewritten and Rearranged Version of Pantokrator’s ‘Den enda Vägen’ (Via Dolorosa)


This song is a cover of Pantokrators song ‘Via Dolorosa’ performed by Melech. The song was originally written in 1997 by Mattias Johansson and later recorded and released on Pantokrators second demo “Even unto the ends of the earth” in 1998.

This version is interpreted, rewritten and rearranged by Rickard Jachin Gustafsson.

Melech is a side project from Ricke and Karl of Swedish death metal band Pantokrator and exist as an additional creative outlet. All music is written and performed by Rickard, lyrics by Karl. 

The song is available for purchase here

Video material is from ‘My last day’

Artwork by Rebecka Jael Gustafsson

Melech is;
Rickard Jachin Gustafsson (drums,guitars,clean vocals, bass, keys and engineering)
Karl Boaz Walfridson Vocals and lyrics
Rebecka Jael Gustafsson Vocals and artwork

Melech‘s debut album “Melech Ha Olam” has been released in Dec. 2017 through the returned Nordic Mission Productions. Available in digital format as well as a physical copy. All lyrics are in Swedish, but translations are featured in the booklet.

Melech online: Facebook / Bandcamp Nordic Mission

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