‘Max Blam Jam’ (feat. Glenn Rogers & Brian Khairullah) First Single ‘Apathy’s Child’ Available for Streaming


Max Blam Jam is a long lost rock ‘n roll gem, featuring Glenn Rogers and Brian Khairullah of Deliverance fame. The band is a very diverse rock band with varying musical influences, and ‘Apathy’s Child’ is a track from their 1991 album “Blow Up Man” that was never officially and fully released. Now, Roxx Records is officially releasing this one time only pressing of the album on CD – street date of January 26, 2018!

“In March of 1991, Brian Khairullah, dissatisfied with his relationship with his record company, Intense Records, left the band Deliverance in pursuit of artistic freedom. At the same time Glenn Rogers was writing music on the side while he was playing lead guitar for Steel Vengeance (Black Dragon Records of France). Brian and Glenn came together at that time and found the collaboration to be fiercely productive. They sought to create music that could be felt in the heart as well as the gut. What they created was a crunchy funky blues groove with an affinity for the soul.

They then enlisted former Steel Vengeance bassist Cesar Ceregatti and multi-instrumentalist Dan Ceregatti for drums and keyboards. Cesar’s aggressive funk groove combined with Dan’s diversity and willingness to experiment provided a rich addition to Max Blam Jam.

Max Blam Jam’s musical influences are eclectic ranging from Elton John, Primus and Aerosmith, to the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Metallica and Mozart. This mixture and the energy generated on stage make Max Blam Jam a new answer to the question… Are You Experienced?”

This is a very special one-time pressing of this long lost classic Christian rock record originally recorded in 1991. It features all new artwork and layout courtesy of Scott Waters of No Life Til Metal and all ten original tracks fully remastered by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound. Beautifully packaged in a jewel case with 8 page booklet and all lyrics enclosed.

Pre Order the Max Blam Jam album entitled “Blow Up Man” now to get a very special limited edition sticker for the first 50 pre orders only. Street Date for this release is January 26, 2018.

Get it here.

Video (audio) for ‘Apathy’s Child’

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