Majestica’s ‘Ghost of Christmas Present’ Guitar Play-Through by Tommy Johansson


Tommy Johansson (Sabaton/Majestica) is sharing one christmas cover song a day untill december 24th. He checked in with the following:

It’s time for a play through of a Christmas song I wrote with my band Majestica for our Christmas album 2020! Feat. Anders Sköld (Veonity) on vocals and Henrik Lindfors & Hanne Hermansson on additional vocals. If you’re looking for true Christmas spirt – listen to our Christmas album “A Christmas Carol” with Majestica!

“A Christmas Carol.” has been released Dec. 4th. 2020 via Nuclear Blast.

“A Christmas Carol” Is pure symphonic power metal in the true Majestica spirit along with elements inspired by the likes of Twilight Force, Rhapsody, Alan Silvestri, Danny Elfman and John Williams

Musically its enormously diverse, rock opera, metal musical, disney type christmas score – Danny Elfman would be proud. My order arrived yesterday and I listened to this through four times! As others have said this put a real smile on my face, there are some cheesy lyrics but its Christmas and if you can’t be a bit cheesy at Christmas there’s no hope. Musically its brilliant, its not all power metal, but its not all Opera or Disney soundtrack either its a real christmas mash up and seriously approaching genius. If Mozart or Beethoven were around today this is the kind of fun album one of them would knock out over the holidays. As for Tommy Johansson; he shreds so good, plays piano, writes most of the songs, arranges the orchestration, sings brilliantly and has great hair too, makes you sick, I bet he can’t put a Rowntrees fruit pastille in his mouth without chewing it though – (other brands of fruit pastilles are also available). Still he’s in good company and its a fantastic alternative soundtrack to Christmas.

Our review can be found here.

Video for ‘Ghost of Marley’

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