‘Lust Control’ New Single ‘Make Money and Die’, Available For Free Download


make money and dieChristian punk band, Lust Control, releases new single ‘Make Money and Die’. The new single is also available for free download on Noisetrade.com.

Lust Control has been in the studio working on their new full-length album, titled, “Tiny Little Dots”. This has been a long time coming and the album has been highly anticipated among long-time fans of Lust Control. The album will be released by Rottweiler Records [Behold The Kingdom, Final Surrender, Soul Embraced, Grave Robber].

No release date has been stated, but, according to their official facebook the album is closer to release and we’re told that it is, “Soon…. soon. Fresh off the digital press. Get ready!!”. There is also a stated lyric-video that will be accompanying the new single. We keep you posted.

Lust Control originally formed in 1988. They are known for their explicit lyrical content, which is devoted to matters of sexual purity and sin, including abstinence, masturbation, pornography, sex ed, and related topics. For their unwavering views on sexual purity, CCM magazine has called Lust Control as “the Josh McDowell of the Christian rock world.” Musically they have been likened to The Ramones or The Dead Milkmen. The band formed as a joke and was not meant for long term exposure, which has led some to refer to it as a Christian version of Spinal Tap. Lust Control received the title of “The Worst Christian Band of the Decade” for the 1990s from HM.

The band’s creators see themselves as performing a legitimate ministry with a message which is often marginalized or poorly approached in churches and completely taboo in contemporary Christian music. For its creators, the goal was to emphasize grace and forgiveness rather than sin; to that end the band offers devotional studies of the topics presented. The band has come under attack from groups on the Christian right, who take issue with their explicit lyrics and musical style. Lust Control has released three albums of original material and an equal number of compilation albums.



Band members:

This Is A Condom Nation (cassette only) [1988]
Dancing Naked (cassette only) [1989]
Fun, Fun Feeling (Blonde Vinyl) [1991]
We Are Not Ashamed [1992]
Feminazi [1994]
The Worst Of… [2000]
We Are Not Ashamed: Getting It Right the Second Time [2006]
Tiny Little Dots [2013]

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