Listen to The Brand New ‘Kekal’ Track ‘The Many Faces Of Your Face’ from The Upcoming Album


‘The Many Faces Of Your Face,’ the 6th track from the upcoming 2018 Kekal album “Deeper Underground” is available in digital audio platforms for download and streaming. Check it out below.

CD version is a Limited deluxe-edition Digipak. Released by Majemuk Records. It has 13 tracks total, including 2 bonus tracks ‘Heartbroken By Default’ and ‘The God Particle’.

“Deeper Underground”, Kekal‘s upcoming 11th full-length album (set to be released somewhere  in 2018) follows pretty much the same process as with the 2015 album “Multilateral”, with majority of tracks being released individually as they are ready, before the album release date.

Six tracks (see progress track listing) are now available for digital download, fully-produced and mastered. You can purchase and download them individually , and then other tracks will follow, one at a time, until the album release date in 2018.

Kekal‘s latest album “Multilateral” is their official 10th full-length studio album that was made to celebrate the band’s 20th anniversary in August 2015. The recording process of the album took more than 2 years to complete. Musically, the album represents human emotions and inner expressions that cannot be bound and limited by genres. With “Multilateral,” Kekal delivers a greatly experimental yet accessible music that soothe the pain of your soul. The album features unorthodox instruments such as theremin, analog synthesizers, additive synthesis, electronic beats, vocoder, and vocaloid, as well as unorthodox production approach.

1. Root of All Evil 06:27
2. Sanity Away from Sanity 05:24
3. Speed of God 04:45
4. Rotten in the House 04:07
5. Deeper Underground 05:04
6. The Many Faces of Your Face 04:58

Work in progress.
The album will have between 8 to 10 tracks total.


Lyrics ‘The Many Faces Of Your Face’

Doesn’t matter how well-oiled you may appear
your nature will keep dragging you down
to the filthiest form of moral decay
where grime infiltrates every pulse of blood
how do i see honesty by looking at
the many faces of your face
how can i learn a simple wisdom
when all you do is to manipulate
authenticity is never found when i see that
so many faces forming on your face
how can i manage to have respect
where good actions are used to exploit
one face licks ass
one face backstabs
one face deceives
the snake multiplies
one face gives way
one face throws blame
one face betrays
the beast magnifies
i have felt deceptions
under the guise of false democracy
what i used to believe
was nothing but manufactured illusions
now my eyes are finally open wide
my mind is starting to see the light
decluttering from moral entanglement
from truth comes path towards revealment

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell

Features sample of speech from Neil Armstrong.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jeff Arwadi at Ideation Station for Kekal.

Weblinks: Facebook / Website / Bandcamp

Video (audio) for ‘The Many Faces Of Your Face’

Video for ‘Rotten In The House’

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