‘Leviticus’ “The Strongest Power” Available Now As Re-Release


leviticus_logo_BIGEktro Records once again expands its arsenal of the weird ‘n’ out-there with a reissue of a cult Christian metal classic: Leviticus‘ breakout album, “The Strongest Power”. Read the pressrelease below:

Yes, you read correctly – Christian metal. But a cult classic “The Strongest Power” most definitely is, released in 1985 to widespread acclaim in the international heavy metal press, with even Kerrang! calling it “one of the best records of the year.” And yet, as time went on and the “white metal” tag became more a curse than blessing, not to mention the band breaking up in 1990, the Leviticus legend was banished to the back-pages of obscurity. That the Swedes’ lyricism unabashedly espoused their Christian beliefs doesn’t detract from the timeless heavy metal songcraft across “The Strongest Power”: spanning the gritty, working-man’s American metal of Virgin Steele to the sometimes-moody/sometimes-shimmering melodicism of Heavy Pettin’, with even bouts of up-tempo Tokyo Blade-style action, this crucial Leviticus document encapsulates everything boisterous and brilliant about ’80s metal. With a clutch of immediately memorable, energetic-at-any-tempo tracks as its foundation,” The Strongest Power”‘s spiritual themes can be extrapolated into traditional heavy metal themes – individuality, freedom, power, glory, rocking, running in the night – thereby making the record a true “diamond in the rough” which generations of metallers can now enjoy as they please. On your knees and praise “The Strongest Power”.

Leviticus The Strongest Power web

1. The Winner
2. Deborah and Barak
3. On the Rock
4. King of Kings
5. Stay with Us
6. I Got Power
7. Look Around
8. I Love You
9. A New Day
10. Light for the World

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