‘Lanny Cordola’ & ‘Gary Griffin’ Perform ‘Mursal’ Live In the Studio on ‘Frontline Rewind’ (Video)


Lanny CordolaThis is classic guitarist Lanny Cordola live in the studio on Frontline Rewind, on Rewind EP52. 

Lanny Cordola (House of Lords, Jesse and the Rippers from Full House, Magdalen, Chaos is the Poetry, Children of Zion) and Gary Griffin (Recording engineer for Lanny’s projects as well as The Beach Boys, Jan and Dean, Petula Clark, etc.) perform a song from their co-produced album, “An Afghan Lullaby”. The video can be watched below. 

Lanny has made several solo albums, as well as being featured as guest musician, songwriter and/or producer on albums with artists like Ken Tamplin and Ransom. Besides the guitar, he also masters other instruments.

Lanny has also appeared on the popular American television sitcom Full House, as a member of Jesse Katsopolis‘s band, Jesse and the Rippers.


Frontline Records is home to over 100 recording artists. It became an important label in the development of the West Coast Christian alternative music scene. Their roster included what 7ball magazine would later refer to as “truly classic alternative, rap, metal, and rock” music and HM editor Doug Van Pelt would call “the lion’s share” of classic hard Christian music.

It was founded in 1986 by Jimmy Kempner in Santa Ana, CA and purchased by Killen Music Group (Nashville, TN) in 1998. Some new artists were added on the KMG label until 2002. In 2010, under the direction of Meis Music Group, KMG & Frontline resurfaced with over 300 albums digitally re-worked and prepared for the consumer who just can’t live without this legendary music.

Hear the entire episode of Rewind EP52.

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