‘Lakeshore’ (Co-Founders of Emmure) Dedicate ‘Kings’ to Late ‘Mitch Luker’ (Suicide Silence), Music Video Released


Lakeshore, Headed by brothers Ben and Joe Lionetti (guitarist & drummer) who originally founded the metalcore giants Emmure. just premiered one of their heaviest track from their debut EP, “41”. The video can be seen below.

The second single, ‘Kings’ features Karl Shubach of Misery Signals and Jessie Freeland of The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza and can be downloaded for FREE only at lakeshoreofficial.com

Ben Lionetti says, “The song ‘Kings’ was really conceived about my time working with Mitch Lucker (Suicide Silence) and after his passing. ‘Kings’ really took on a life of its own and morphed into just a fun heavy song with a self-empowering message, and that’s something Mitch wanted to create. We wanted the music video to have a real night & day / yin & yang vibe and wanted to tell our listeners we’re not going to be held down by whatever generic genre standards people think a band should abide by. I think you can start to hear and feel that from the first music video ‘History’ to our video for ‘Kings’. We’re excited to get the rest of the record out there to really start showing people what Lakeshore is really about.”
The band has released a track titled ‘History’ last month and the fans seemed to give great reception to it allowing it to receive over 78k views in just one month since its release. “41” will be available for preorders here and will be released April 21st of this year.

Lakeshore has deep roots in music and combines a very powerful and melodic sound with a fresh new touch, unlike any other.

Their debut EP “41” was recorded with producer Ken Susi of Unearth (The Contortionist, Madball)) and features Karl Shubach of Misery Signals and Jessie Freeland of The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza on the track ‘King’.

Lakeshore ushers in a pure new energy with a nostalgic feel, formed by a relentless cast set on defining a new era of music.

The band is comprised of vocalist Shawn Adams from Manasses, VA – Ben Lionetti on guitar, with brother Joe Lionetti on Drums, both hailing from New Fairfield, CT. Bassist Chris Segovia and lead guitarist Mitch LoBuglio long time friends from Newtown, CT.

1. Heart (To the Fans) 4:56
2. Future 3:23
3. Taking … (Interlude) 1:06
4. Control 3:01
5. Kings (The Reawakening) 2:56
6. History 2:58
7. Imagination 3:54

Video for: ‘Kings’ (The Reawakening)

Video for: ‘History’

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