‘Krig’ Lyrics Posted For ‘Decay’s Beholder’


As we already said before:  The masters of Christian Technical Death Metal band Krig [Brazil] are busy with the final preparations for their new studio album, titled Decay’s Beholder.

Below you can read the lyrics from the title track Decay’s Beholder. Isaque Soares [guitarist] is re-recording the guitar parts, now using an 8-string guitar

Actually 4 of the 10 songs are finished. The album should be released in June/July2012 as a independent release. A video of one of the recording sessions can be seen below, just like the tracklist and artwork .

Decay’s Beholder [Daniell Corpse]

4000 years of almost asleep world
100 years of astronomic evolution
Evolution of the logic and regression of emotion
Justifies the Mankind’s decay

watch out everything around you
And you will see our evolution
The evolution of decay
The decline of Mankind

Earth Decay’s Beholder (chorus)
Human Decadence Beholder (chorus)

We behold your neighbor to suffer
But cannot shed tears for him
We hear the chaos suffering cries
We rather to ignore as there was no noise

We make a perfect self destruction
And make it as our favorite game
The makind annihilation will be the law
The perverse law that navigates into our ego

Krig Was Formed in January 2007 in Belo Horizonte City. Lyrics deal with social, environmental, and Christian issues. Leaded by Isaque Soares. After he recorded a few songs he invited old band member Daniel, “FOF, Mercy, Unnamed and ex- Sabbatariam lead vocalist “.

In May 2007, Phillippe (Mercy and Unnamed Leader, ex-Sabbatariam) and Junior (Feel Burning Inside) joined the band. In November 2007 Krig released their debut album entitled Feed Me, which won the top 10 album of the year at the website Metal Blessing. In February 2008 Jully joined the band as bassist. In April 2008 Krig released their 2nd album entitled Stop the Manipulation, featuring Luke Renno from band Crimson Thorn. In August 2008 Vinicios Soares replaced Junior as Drummer. 1st march 2009 Krig released their 3rd album Target: Human, Mission: Destroy. In 2010 the band recorded the 4th Album Narcissistic Mechanism, supported by a sort of webstores around the world. The band is currently recording their 5th Album

Band members:
Daniel Corpse – Vocal
Isaque Sales Soares – Guitar
Jully Soares – Bass
Vinicius Soares – Drums

Decay’s Beholder
Drink the Third World
Lies of Santa Claus
True Human Nature
Threw Out Prophecies
Quiet Ocean of Lies
Wild Civilization
Killer Tendency

News By Márllon “Roxx” Mátos

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