JPBII’s Eraserhead, the Brainchild of Jimmy P Brown II (Deliverance, Fearful Symmetry, Jupiter VI) – Debut Album Coming Soon


Eraserhead is the brainchild of Jimmy P Brown II (Deliverance, Fearful Symmetry, Jupiter VI) together with former Deliverance band mates Jon Knox and Manny Morales . Currently they are working on their debut album, which would be released first in the fall of 2017, but the album is delayed  – recently the band posted the following update:

Greetings Future EHEAD fans, one and all… The album is mixed and is in the proverbial “can”… We will be sending off to be mastered, then manufactured for all of you to enjoy…

jpbii’s EHEAD – COMING SOON…………

Having always referenced throughout his musical career that his favorite recordings were with Manny Morales and Jon Knox from the “Learn” and critically acclaimed “River Disturbance” albums. Jimmy set out to record with these two exceptionally talented musicians once again!

Reuniting after 23 years to record a new record was both challenging and the most rewarding experience for Brown. He wrote and crafted the songs with these two guys in mind without having contacted them. Then, when the songs were near completion, Brown reached out to both Morales and Knox and presented the idea and tunes! They both signed on immediately!

The group reunited at 3 Frogz Studio in Brundidge, AL. where Brown is the lead engineer. The chemistry was almost instant! It was as if the 3 musicians picked right up where they’d left off in 1994 with “River Disturbance”Eraserhead was BORN!!!

Jon Knox and Manny Morales were both thrilled to be working on new material with Brown! The performances are raw, powerful and driving!

Brown describes it as “relevant, introspective, and rockin!”

Be prepared, the Eraserhead  is coming!!!

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