Jimmy P. Brown (Deliverance, Jupiter VI) to Release New Solo Album In May 2020, Lyric Video for ‘Always Falling’ Released


Jimmy P. Brown (Deliverance, Jupiter VI) will release a new solo album in may 2020. The much anticipated followup to Jimmy‘s first solo release Eraserhead!

The first single ‘Always Falling’ is recently released, the lyric video for ‘Always Falling’ can be seen below. Brown checked in with following:

Greetings to you All, fellow Humans! 

My name is Jimmy P. Brown II. Yeah, its a long title, but I think its Zazzy, so I like it! 🙂 And besides, James Brown was already taken… LOL

Many of you may know me from the Classic Speed Metal Band, Deliverance. Others may know me from my other projects such as the Darkwave inspired Fearful Symmetry as well as my 70’s Rock Throwback Jupiter VI!

I am humbled and thrilled that people know these different musical personas in my now 34th year of creating music. But I am more excited about what I am giving you now! I am giving you, simply put, ME!

While I may be known for Deliverance, etc, I have embarked on my own solo career! People have asked me for years if I was ever going to go solo? Well, here and now is the time! 

And what I am most excited about is this unbelievable opportunity that has been given! A platform like Patreon for the Artists! Enabling us to give directly to the fans, the SUPER FANS, or as I like to call you, my SUPER FRIENDS! You have the opportunity to be a part of the “Creation Process” with your favorite artists!  This is like having a fan club on steroids! I was a member of such a fan club, and all I ever got was a newsletter, and a sticker once a year! LOL. That’s OK. But this is something totally different! Totally unique! Why??? Well, I am glad you asked…

For my Patrons, you receive my entire catalogs worth of music in digital format. This includes items never available before, and more than likely won’t be ever! 

You receive ALL my new music BEFORE IT HITS iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc… You get it ALL FIRST! Including artwork!

Wait, it gets better! YOU, thats right, YOU CAN REQUEST songs for me to cover! Just for YOU! As a member of my Patreon Family, that is your privilege!

AND, I connect with you DIRECTLY! You have my personal email, and we can FaceTime, Skype, if you want me to sing Happy Birthday to your kids or significant other, you can ring me on either for personal interaction! I am NOT kidding you!

You will have access to merchandise at incredible discounts! You will have opportunity to participate in drawings for such cool things like we did before, like “A Day With the Big D at the Big D” which the winner of that drawing got to spend the day with Deliverance at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA. 

And, most importantly, you are participating in the Creation of Art for the Earsfor the listeners who say their lives were touched, and even changed from songs that came from my heart… 

So, this is more than being part of a fan club! This is more than showing generous support to an Artist you love! This is a contribution to “The Arts” itself! You are helping keep the music alive! 

I hope this sounds good to you! Because for as little as a $1 a month, you can be part of this… 

Because The Art, and The Message presented matters…


Free CD Offer to New Patrons of Jimmy P. Brown II. Become a patron.

Lyric video for ‘Always Falling’

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