Italy’s Power/Prog Metal Band S91 Unleashes New Music Video


Power/prog metal band S91 presents the new video ‘Godfrey of Bouillon’ featuring singer Egidio Casati from Boarders. The song is taken from the latest album “Along The Sacred Path”, released by Rockshots Records in Spring 2019.

The new Lyric Video can be seen below.

“Along The Sacred Path” album traces the history of Christianity through the life of some key figures. One of them is Godfrey Of Bouillon, first ruler of the first Crusader State. He is also the main character of Torquato Tasso’s “Gerusalemme liberata”, a poetic character of extraordinarily evocative force. Moved by sincere faith, he is a humble hero who refuses the title of King.

“Along The Sacred Path” Album is available at Rockshots Store

S91’s style is in the wake of a coordinated progressive-metal with symphonic influences, led by the warm and strong voice of Maria Londino standing above.

The band explains their sophomore full length:

“‘Along The Sacred Path’ is a concept album that traces the history of Christianity, continuing the narrative from “Behold The Mankind”. The story is told through the life of some key figures that are not always considered positive by everyone. The main goal is to show how the Gospel message has spread in its original form, becoming the fabric of modern Western society. Scrolling through the track listing, you will see that all the characters are of European origin. This album is also a tribute to the great nation of EUROPE. As proud citizens, we feel it is a nation that today, more than ever, needs to recognize and rediscover its founding values if it wants to survive in these dark times and continue to be a beacon of civilization for the whole world.”

Our review of can be found here.

Track Listing:
1 – Constantine the Great (5:40)
2 – Saint Patrick (5:24)
3 – Pope Gregory I (3:38)
4 – Olaf II Haraldsson (5:02)
5 – Godfrey of Bouillon (5:02)
6 – Joan of Arc (4:42)
7 – Martin Luther (4:39)
8 – John Williams (8:18)
9 – Dietrich Bonhoeffer (10:50)

Cover Art and graphics by Gustavo Sazes

Video for ‘Godfrey of Bouillon’

Maria “Marì” Londino: Lead Vocals
Francesco “Franz” Romeggini: Guitars, Lead/Backing Vocals
Giacomo “Jack” Manfredi: Bass
Francesco “Frank” Londino: Keyboards
Giacomo “Giachi” Mezzetti: Drums and Percussions, Lead/Backing Vocals

Weblinks: Facebook / Bandcamp / iTunes / Spotify

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