Italian Symphonic Metallers Eternal Silence to Release New EP Today – Third Single Out Now!


After the excellent feedback received for the full-length album “Timegate Anathema”, released by Rockshots Records in 2020, Eternal Silence release today December 22nd, 2023 their new EP titled “3” in digital format. 

The EP is a concept release inspired by the Norse legend of the Norns, the deities responsible for shaping the course of human destinies. Eternal and powerful entities capable of writing the fate of the universe. These will be the main characters of a story entirely conceived by Marika Vanni and the band. The story is divided into three parts, each presenting independent tales that eventually merge into a cohesive narrative.

The record will be accompanied by artwork by Jessica Campo, with each piece representing a different chapter of the story narrated in this EP. The recording sessions took place at 2Play Studio in Induno Olona (VA), with mixing and mastering handled by Maria Grazia Zancopè.

3 is a number with infinite meanings; in this EP, strong references are made to Norse mythology. Three, like the Norns, who are female figures fundamental to human existence and beyond. They weave, braid, and finally cut the threads of the lives of men and Gods. At the same time, they take care of Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life, helping it flourish again in its eternal life cycle. There are three unreleased tracks in this EP: today is the time of “Antithesys

So today the band unveils today their latest sonic masterpiece, the third installment in their concept series. The song provides a unique perspective from the last Norn, a Valkyrie torn between strength and maidenhood, deciding humanity’s fate by severing the thread of life. With a captivating blend of power, folk, doom,and gothic metal, the band delves into darker themes, narrating the inner turmoil of a young woman balancing her roles. This release, featuring the skilled violinist Katija Di Giulio, further solidifies Eternal Silence’s position as a dynamic force in the metal scene.

Alberto Cassina, singer, guitarist, and founder of the band, states: “This is a project that I had in mind for some time. I have always been fascinated by Norse mythology and its evocative atmospheres, which have accompanied me for several years and have become a part of me. In the pre-production phase, we worked closely with the Rockshots Records team and our management, who had the opportunity to listen to and appreciate the timeless atmospheres of the legends, showing curiosity about the development of the story. Hence the decision to present our effort divided into a few releases so that the listener can also be captivated by this magical and intense aura”.

Eternal Silence Line-up:
Marika Vanni – Vocals
Alberto Cassina – Guitar / Vocals
Martino Boneschi – Solo Guitar
Katija Di Giulio – Violin
Alessio Sessa – Bass
Lorenzo Aimo – Drums


1 Thread Of Life  
2. Prayer Of The Resilient
3. Antithesys
4. Death And The Maiden
5. How Soon Is Now

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