Italian Power Metal Band ‘Hypersonic’ Reveals “Existentia” Album Cover Artwork, Track Listing


hypersonic_2016“Existentia” is the sophomore album by Italian power metal band Hypersonic. The album will be released on May 13th through Revalve Records. The album contains 14 songs with a total playing time of 1:10:19. Cover Artwork is designed by Massimiliano Mendolia (Cloud Contruction Design), check it out below.

Special Guests: Michele Luppi (Secret Sphere, Visione Divine), Tommy Reinxeed Johansson (Reinxeed, Golden Resurrection), Jo Lombardo (Metatrone, Ancestral), Stefano Ghigas Calvagno (Metatrone), Don Davide Bruno (Metatrone), Dino Fiorenza (Metatrone), Roberta Pappalardo (Black Roses). Perfect for fans of Nightwish, Kamelot, Stratovarius!

Hypersonic is one of the latest names who have been confirmed for the second edition of Rock Alive 2016. The second edition will be held on Sept. 24. 2016 at the Basiliek, Veenendaal, Netherlands. 

Hypersonic was born in 2006 by the idea of Salvo Grasso (Drums/Male vocals) and Emanuele Gangemi (Guitars). The line-up established with Maria Rita Randazzo on vocals, Francesco Testai on keyboards and Giuseppe Carciotto on bass. When Maria Rita and Giuseppe left, the band welcomed Vera Romeo and Francesco Caruso. In 2007 Hypersonic released his first demo (Demo 2007 with the first tracks composed by the drummer Salvo Grasso and the guitarist Emanuele Gangemi. A new singer, Alessia Rapisarda joined the band in 2008 and her beautiful and powerful voice was welcomed with enthusiasm. At the beginning of 2008 the band released their first EP entitled “Inspiration Is Transpiration” it was acclaimed with positive feedback from magazines and various radio promotions. In the following months Francesco Testai left the band for personal reasons so Dario Caruso, Francesco‘s brother, became the new keyboarder: the line-up was finally accomplished.During these years the band took part in numerous live shows and Rock and Metal festivals. In March 2009 Hypersonic entered at Tower Hill Studio (Belpasso / Catania-Italy) to record their first album “Fallen Melodies,” mixed by Luigi Scuderi and Salvo Grasso and mastered by Riccardo Samperi at TRP MUSIC STUDIO (Tremestieri Etneo / Catania-Italy). In December 2010 Hypersonic released the new single ‘Rebirth’ from the album online. In January 2011, the band signed a record deal with Underground Symphony to release the debut album “Fallen Melodies,” scheduled for January 31th. “Fallen Melodies” had a great success in the following months, receiving great reviews and interviews from Heavy Metal zine and webzines worldwide. Hypersonic played at different European and Italian festivals like Elements Of Rock (Switzerland), Femetal Fest and We Rock Fest (Italy).

In January 2016 the band signed a record deal with Revalve Records for the release of the new album entitled “Existentia.” The new album is a concept based on the existence of man and the spiritual affairs afterlife and it will be released on May 13th. 2016.

The band is comprised of: Alessia Rapisarda – Vocals, Salvo Grasso – Drums & male voice, Emanuele Gangemi – Guitars, Francesco Caruso – Bass, Dario Caruso – Keyboards.

Existentia (2106)

Track listing
1 – Principium (Music by Salvo Reitano)
2 – The First Sound Of Life
3 – The Eyes Of The Wolf (feat. Michele Luppi, Stefano Ghigas Calvagno)
4 – As An Angel
5 – Blind Sins (feat. Jo Lombardo)
6 – Living In The Light (feat. Tommy ReinXeed Johansson, Dino Fiorenza)
7 – Embrace Me (feat. Roberta Pappalardo)
8 – Love Is Pain (Heartbroken) (feat. Don Davide Bruno)
9 – God’s Justice
10 – Life’n Death (feat. Don Davide Bruno)
11 – Pilgrim’s Path
12 – Prayer In The Dark
13 – The Meaning Of…
14 – ..Existence


Upcoming Shows:
Sept. 24 – Rock Alive, the Basiliek, Veenendaal, NL

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