Interview with ‘The Fall Of Vegas’


A new Super group of musicians from former Christian Rock Bands (Stryken, Leviticus, Guardian, Jet Circus, Monsterus) all into one.  The band is called The Fall of Vegas.  Lets have a chat with vocalist  Joey Knight ( Stryken )

(TMR) Hello to you from The Metal Resource Holland, how are things going there?

Things are going fantastic!

(TMR) Will you introduce yourself and the band please! (name and instrument)

I am Joey Knight – Lead Vocalist and front man. Paul Cawley – Rhythm guitar and bgvs. Michael Tyrrell – Lead guitar and bgvs. Ez Gomer – Bass guitar and bgvs. Brent Jeffers – Keyboards and bgvs. Ron “Zilla” Campbell – Drums, percussion, and bgvs.

(TMR) You are all experienced musicians, who joined forces in a new band. What’s the story behind ‘The Fall of Vegas’?

About five years ago, I felt God showed me that He wanted me to go down a certain direction musically – a road that I began to find out had not been taken before in this industry. I began to wonder why groups like ‘Whitesnake’, ‘Damn Yankees’, and ‘Velvet Revolver’ could come together and put out great music, but it had never been done in the Christian realm. So, in God’s timing, last year, it all began to come together when Ron and I got back in touch with each other after many years. And slowly, each piece of the puzzle has come together with Ez, Paul, Brent, and Michael completing what everyone in this group has been waiting to be a part of. We have come together to do what no one else has done before, as we are the first ever, all Christian membered, rock super group.

(TMR) Are you guys full time musicians? If not, what kind of job do you do beside the band?

Most of us have been active in the music industry, one way or another, but at the same time, have been busy raising families and working other jobs.

(TMR) Why the name ‘The Fall of Vegas’? Is there a story behind it?

In the original conception of the band, there was a different name being used, but it did not fit the vision of this particular band. So, out of over 70 names, this name stood out. It has no particular meaning behind it. Everyone seems to have their own version of what it means, and sometimes it needs to be left that way.

(TMR) Who writes the music/lyrics in ‘The Fall of Vegas’? How do you get in the mood for writing music? And which bands/situations have influenced you for writing music and lyrics?

Everyone in the band writes. We are six individuals, so everyone has their own way of “getting in the mood.” As far as influences go, we are very fortunate that we all come from very similar backgrounds, so bands like “Styx”, “Journey”, “Queensryche”, all the way up to “Velvet Revolver”, “Sixx A.M.”, and “30 Seconds to Mars.” This band has a multitude of influences, but our common ground is being very melodic and hard edged at the same time.

(TMR) How do you describe the music of ‘The Fall of Vegas’ the best?

Again, “The Fall of Vegas” sound is a very edgy, melodic, hard rock sound. Since every member of the group sings, there will be big vocals in our sound, and just because I’m using the term ‘melodic’ does not mean that the music will not rip your face off – ‘cause it will.

(TMR) How does ‘The Fall of Vegas’ stand in life till events in the world, religion and politics and in which proportion stands that till your music and lyrics?

Anything that is a part of you in life, as a musician, it will come out in your music because it is a part of you. Otherwise, you’re being contrived at what you’re doing, and people will not relate to that and will walk away from it. Every member of this band is a born again believer, so seeing how this is a huge part of every member’s life, it will become a part of our lyrical content, in one way or another.

(TMR) For a lot of bands the lyrics are just an accidental circumstance, but for some bands they use them to communicate. Can you tell us how that is for ‘The Fall of Vegas’?

As a songwriter/musician, there are times that you want to communicate certain things. There are other times when you are in a process, and you have fun, as a songwriter, with words. One thing that we will not be doing in this band is restricting anyone’s creativity.

(TMR) What is the message you want to bring with ‘The Fall of Vegas’?

‘The Fall of Vegas’ will be representing, at many levels, many things that God wants to use us for and say. One thing I can say to you right now is we ask the question, “Are you a follower of Christ or are you just a fan of His?”

(TMR) Is there already a highlight you will always remember, since the beginning of ‘The Fall of Vegas’?

One highlight is getting off the phone with Michael (Tyrrell) and sitting in awe of God realizing that He had put the final piece of the puzzle together just as He said He would five years ago.

(TMR) And the worst thing were? (if there is one)

The anticipation of finally getting to be with these awesome guys and getting out and playing for the masses.

(TMR) Name some of your favorite bands to play with live (past and future) and tell us why?

There are several bands we would love to get out and play with (past and present) — bands like “Journey”, “Kings X”, “Creed”, and “Stryper”.

(TMR) What is your favorite food and drink? (no idea why people always want to know that)

I can only answer for myself. I love burgers, especially when I make them myself (since I fancy myself somewhat of a chef). Also, my wife calls me a “water snob” since I love Pelligrino.

(TMR) First record you bought? 

The very first record I bought was when I was nine years old. It was ‘The Bay City Rollers’.

(TMR) What makes you laugh? 

Funny movies and my children.

(TMR) How do you prepare for a show?

Speaking for myself, I like to have quiet time so I can focus on my vocal warm-ups and warm up my voice, get stretched out.

(TMR) Favorite movie(s)? 

Martin and Lewis comedies. “The Crow”. “Rocky I”. “Tears of the Sun”. “Black Hawk Down”.

(TMR) What is the dumbest question you have ever been asked? 

I’ve been pretty fortunate because I can’t think of anything that I consider a dumb question.

(TMR) Do you have a life philosophy? 

(A) Love God with all your heart, soul, and mind, and have people see the reflection of Christ in the things you say and do.

(TMR) Are you visiting many gigs by yourself and what do you listen to these days? 

I get to go see my fair share of live shows. What I’m listening to these days ranges from “Sun Domingo”, “30 Seconds to Mars”, to Sam Cook.

(TMR) Tell us about the hardrock/metal scene in your area please?

(A) Unfortunately, here in Houston, Texas, the music scene is dominated by hip hop/rap. The rock bands that play out in the clubs here are predominantly cover/tribute bands.

(TMR) How do you think about downloading music from the Internet?

For myself, digital downloading (via iTunes and other official sites) is a very revolutionary and convenient way to access your favorite music. I personally am still a big fan of vinyl and CDs, but I also do have a terabyte worth of music on my PC and carry my iPod everywhere I go.


(TMR) The debut album will be produced by Doug Pinnick (KingsX). Any details on the album you can tell us? (such as songs, recording process, album title, release date, label)

All I can say right now is that Doug will be producing the debut album. We have a label that we are in discussion with, and the only other thing I can share is that it will be worth the wait.

(TMR) And what about the (near) future, any plans? (European tour maybe?)

We have been contacted by several promoters. We have something on the table right now to tour with a major band next year, and we also have something else on the table for next year that we can’t talk about now, but it will be a huge announcement in that it has never been done before.

(TMR) Guys, thanks for your time and the interview. We wish ‘The Fall of Vegas’ all the best…..Is there anything you wanna say at last? (any final statement?)

First, I want to say “thank you” to you, Thrashboy, for the opportunity to talk about ‘The Fall of Vegas’ here. We are excited, and we are gearing up to bring incredible music and an incredible show. Thank you to everyone for your patience and for your support so far. You will not be disappointed.

Bandmembers: (pictures below)

Brent Jeffers, Ez Gomer
Paul Cawley,  Michael Tyrrel
Joey Knight,  Ron “Zilla” Campbell

Weblinks: Official Website, Facebook 















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