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Mind Of The Sick is a new project formed by Noah Tubbs Mind Of The Sick  is musically inspired by the likes of Rob Zombie, and lyrically inspired by the Holy Spirit to reach the lost and feed the found. In the following interview Noah speaks about his band, the recently released album Anti devil Superstar, his favorite food & albums and much more

TMR: Hello Noah how are things going there in Washington?

N: Doing great! the weather is getting nice and the apple trees are blooming!! very beautiful!

TMR: Will you Introduce yourself and the band members please ? [name and instrument]

N: Well my name is Noah.. haha of course.. and the members of the band?
well in both albums it is just me..
Rhythm Guitar : Noah
Lead Guitar: Noah
Bass Guitar : Noah
Keyboards : Noah
Drum engineering : Noah
Vocals : Noah

hahahahah I have been trying to get an actual band going but God does not seem to want it that way..
and frankly neither do the fans! I do however have a solid Drummer, and if we can nail down the recording of his set to meet my quality standards then you all will hear his talents as well! besides me.. the Mind of the Sick Team includes Clarence Zellner (Unheard Drummer)…lol and one of my best friends.. my father.. also known as Papa Sickness.. he is the Bands/project manager and creative consultant.

TMR: Is ‘Mind Of The Sick’ a band or a project ?

N: It is a Solo effort as of now, I do the writing and producing, i would rather it be called a Solo Project then a Band because it is not really a band.. but i want to present it as a Band if you will, But Mind of the Sick is more then Just music.. it has become a movement of sorts.. and there will be many more things coming out of Mind of the Sick then just music, there has been talks of a Comic Book.. a Motion Picture.. A Book .. etc Papa Sickness and I have weekly meetings discussing the next steps for Mind of the Sick and will be moving forward with is one step at a time!

TMR: Can you tell us something about the origin of ‘Mind Of The Sick’ please?

N: Mind of the Sick was birthed out of my re-birth.. I died to my old ways and truly began to follow the lord.. not a self proclaimed church going christian.. but legitimately following the lord.. after many months of a dark depression and downing myself in alcohol i began to dig out of the dark pit i was in.. at that time i was really not even thinking about music.. i gave up on music years back and just wasn’t important.. till one day i decided to plug in.. and play.. and what was coming out.. i had to record it.. yada yada.. and thus Mind of the Sick was born.

TMR: Are you full time musician ? If not what kind of job or school do you do beside the band ?

N: I am a full time creative. I am a Creative Director, professional commercial artist. I work in Marketing and Advertising.. designing brands and marketing campaigns.. etc develop websites.. it is fun! but working for other people all the time.. Music is my best way to release my own creative desires!

TMR: What is your musical background ? [for everyone personal]

N: I loved music ever since i was a baby! My father was in and out of killer bands.. he fronted all of which, and get the musical vision from him. at an early age i was a huge fan of Elvis hahah, then Richie Vallens.. and i even dressed like em too.. lol this was when HIP HOP was just becoming a huge sensation.. and kids wore baggy pants.. etc.. i was the outcast and the beat up nerd.. which developed a huge deep anger that built inside of me.. and when i Heard metallica for the first time.. it was like a release of that anger.. so i got influxenced my metallica, and my father and i picked up the guitar in 7th grade.. been in and out of bands.. was apart of a worship band and we gigged around for many years.. but that slowly died out.. and that is when i gave up on music.. till i truly found God.

TMR: Is this your first band ?

N: No, i have been in several, in high school, me and Clarence.. my (Unheard Drummer) started so many bands.. metal, punk, rap rock, death metal.. etc nothing ever lasted.. and nothing was great.. hahahahah.. lol but the only true solid band besides Mind of the Sick i have been in was Faithful Few.. an original worship / hard rock band.
and it did really well for the few years we played .. and gigged around.. but it faded out over time.. but still have some great memories and recordings of that band!

TMR: Why the name ‘Mind Of The Sick’? Is there a story behind it ?

N: The word “Christian” was originally a derogatory term used by the gentiles and Jew’s towards the followers of Jesus. Much like the Slave Drivers used the “N” towards their  African American slaves as a Derogatory remark.. and much like the African American
mainly HIP-HOP culture has turned the “N” word into a Status of Brotherhood, the Followers of Jesus turned the word “Christian” from a Derogatory term into a status on our Brotherhood.

Atheists around the globe tend to think that “Christians” are delusional, because we have FAITH in an invisible GOD, if we were delusional we would have a mental illness, we would be SICK.
so I am making an effort to turn that derogatory TERM TOWARDS CHRISTIANS in to a positive term.

There is an over abundant amount of SLANG words in this generation, many have used such terms instead of the term “COOL”

a. Phat
b. Dope
c. Tight
d. Hot
e. Sick

I am one that uses the term SICK as I am a metal head, and that term is mainly used within the METAL culture, bands such as slipknot, have coined that term as meaning COOL!

So with making the Derogatory term from Atheist’s in to a Positive, it made it really easy to play off the word SICK as it means cool, since “JESUS” is not a cool word in today’s world, which is sad, buy using visuals, and music and terms KIDS can relate to, it makes it more effective to get them to open up to the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ. In by using the word SICK I had to give it an acronym, which is also a popular trend these days.. it came easy for me..

Servant/s in Christ’s Kingdom,

Servant/s In Christ’s Kingdom, Not Eternally Slaved in Sin

Also last note, our Brotherhood in Jesus Christ is like that of a mustard seed, Jesus used the mustard seed a lot, because back then Mustard was not a condiment like we have it today.. it was an annoying weed, it starts out as a small seed, then before you know it, it takes over everything.. it spreads and grows fast.. back then they would do whatever they could to get rid of it.. yet never could! Much like the Christian Brotherhood.. It spreads and GROWS!! And no matter how hard people try to get rid of it.. it just keeps growing stronger.

Now with all that said, back to the Illness / Sickness this is much like a VIRSU that people CATCH,  it is a VIRUS of TRUTH… and people try to avoid it at all costs.. but those who do CATCH the SICKNESS have a heart to SPREAD it to others.. IE Evangelizing… Sine Mind of the SICK (Servant in Christ Kingdom) is Evangelizing, we encourage others to spread the S.I.C.K.N.E.S.S. Servant/s In Christ’s Kingdom, Not Eternally Slaved in Sin

TMR: Who writes the music/lyrics in ‘Mind Of The Sick’? .. how do you get in the mood for writing music? And which bands/situations have influences you for writing music and lyrics ?

N: Again I write 100% of the songs.. well God does through me.. My songs come from a drive from within, a means to release my built up emotions.. thoughts.. prayers.. etc I personally have to be in a great mood, and feel like i have accomplished something that day before i can get in the writing mood.. as far as bands that influence the sound… well I love all music.. from Metal, to Pop, to Country.. so there is a wide range of things that influence music.. some beats or rhythms i actually get from modern Pop.. and a lot from The Rep.. even though you may not hear it.. as for the mood, and vibe, the metal tones.. etc Metallica, Rob Zombie, Static-X, System of a Down, Pantera.. etc

TMR: How do you describe the music of ‘Mind Of The Sick’ the best ?

N: Horror Punk Metal, other than that i am not sure as the author i can describe the music in much detail.. it is Heavy.. but Not to over the top heavy.. it has grove you can dance to, or head bang to, it is cruse metal. with a flare of techno.

TMR: How does ‘Mind Of The Sick’ stands in life till events in the world, religion and politics and in which proportion stands that till your music and lyrics ?

N: Not sure i follow this question, but i will answer the best i can.. lol
Mind of the Sick focuses on 3 major elements.. 1. a personal journey with the lord 2. encouraging people to be strong and never be afraid to be different. 3. confront the church and religion with the hypocrisy they produce.

TMR: For a lot of bands the lyrics are just a accidental circumstance, but for some bands they use them to communicate ! ..can you tell us how that is for ‘Mind Of The Sick’?

N: Oh for sure to communicate! even though a lot of my lyrical / vocal rhythms are similar to that of Rob Zombie.. which his lyrics make no sense at all.. mine do.. mine has a mission, a goal, a message. if people agree with it sweet! if people learn from it awesome! if people don’t care and still like it.. Thats cool too.. but i just hope every one can take a little something out of our music.

TMR: Is there a message you want to bring with ‘Mind Of The Sick’?

N: YES! Relationship not Religion, Stand UP be yourself, do not let this world bully you to fit in! and to raise awareness of the hypocrisy in the church, i think the more awareness there is.. the less of it happening.. also i want people that are like me, or like how i was.. where i was just wanting to be accepted for who i am.. i wan them to feel accepted.. and not to be afraid to be different!!!!

TMR: Is there a highlight you will always remember, since the beginning of ‘Mind Of The Sick’?

N: Nothing that stands out.. this whole thing has been a journey.. if there is one thing, it would be when i did my morning drive video’s and posted them every morning.. the response it got.. hearing people respond, and knowing it was impacting people in a positive way.. was amazing!!

TMR: And the worst thing were, if there is one ?

N: yes.. DRAMA!!! ugh i hate drama.. Religious folk just don’t get it.. and they seem to hold on to things.. and keep there mind closed.. and just the dumb “Why Mind of the Sick?? aren’t you saved? ” kinda stuff.. hahahah but gotta love em.. “LOVE YOUR HATERS”

TMR: Do you perform live ? Name some of your favorite bands to play with live [past and future] and tell us why ?

N: Nope as this is a Solo venture for now there is no live shows.. but some day soon!

TMR: How do you promote your band and shows ?

N: Facebook, Twitter, Webstie, Youtube.. word of mouth..

TMR: How do you prepare for a show?

N: Preparing now my friend.. hahahah

TMR: What is your favorite food and drink? for everyone personal [no idea why people always want to know that]

N: Favorite Food = Pizza and Corn Nuts!!!! and my favorite Drink is the tiny little bottles of Monster and Rockstar Double Strength!!! the black and Bright Yellow CAN!!!

TMR: What are your favorite albums [top 5]

N: top five favorite albums here they are not in any order.. as they change often
(Only one Christian Artist.. because i am picky and i cannot find any other Christian artist other then the Rep that actually click with me)
5 Metallica Black Album
4 Pantera Cowboys From Hell
3 The Rep (Both Albums)
2 Rob Zombie Sinister urge
1 Rob Zombie Hillbilly deluxe

TMR: What makes you laugh?

N: Random Junk.. lol

TMR: Favorite movie[s]?

N: The Help – Courageous – Real Steal – Forest Gump – I use to love Horror flicks.. but not any more..
but i Love to write and Make them.. so maybe someday soon we can see a Mind of the Sick horror flick!!!

TMR: What is the dumbest question you have ever been asked?

N: Not sure i can think of one right now.. i have 3 kids.. so there are so many hahahaah lol

TMR: What is your favorite ‘Mind Of The Sick’ song ?

N: Dawn of a New Day

TMR: Do you have a life philosophy?

N: yes.. Follow Jesus..
Live each day as if it were your last.. because one of these days it will be..
treat every body as if it were your last day, or there last day.. because on of these days it will be!

TMR: Are you visiting many gigs, and what do you listen to these days?

N: Nahh.. I am a family man.. spend my time with my Family.. and recently been listening to Metallica a lot.. and of course the Rep

TMR: Tell us about the hardrock/metal scene in your area please?

N: umm, it is not that great.. it is a small little town.. the best metal act we got here is UPAS.. and the best band for covers is Odie Green

TMR: How do you think about downloading music from the Internet ?

N: umm, i use to be a Pirate.. but not any more.. Pirating sucks.. it is hurting the music industry bad!
not for the big artists.. but the up and coming acts.. they make there money of sales.. and if no one is buying due to pirating.. A you are steeling from them.. and as a fan you are shooting yourself in the foot.. because if they can’t afford to pay back the label from album sales they are out of luck.. so Pirating all in all just messes junk up!

TMR: ‘Anti devil Superstar’ was released on April 13, tell us about the songs, recording-proces, label & who did the artwork ?

N: The songs on this effort were more or less a refreshed reviving of some older songs i had laying around for a while.. i wanted more of a darker / industrial feel to this one.. and hit on subjects more in line with confronting the church.. and also about my feelings losing my mother, and how i am going to get through it.. etc. and I did the art work. wanted something over the top and colorful! wanted an old school semi retro drag feel to it. we gotta finish the race!

TMR: What advice would you give to fellow bands?

N: Spend just as much time on your BRAND and Brand Identity as the music itself.

TMR: What are the biggest obstacles for bands ?

N: finding musicians that work well together.. being in and out of bans.. and having them all fail, due to lack of interest.. or lack of being able to agree.. etc has led me to do a solo effort.. hahaha

TMR: What about the [near] future, any plans ?

N: Yes.. already writing material for the 3rd album.. which will be different.. we just released our new refreshed logo and Icon logo which is kinda a prelude to what is to come!

TMR: Noah thanks for your time and the interview, we wish ‘Mind Of The Sick’ all the best ……Is there anything you wanna say at last? [any final statement ?]

N: Thank you for your Time sir.. and sorry for such a long time to get this done!! hahahah LIFE IS NUTS! all i gotta say is Make a Stand Rise Above! Don’t Be Afraid To Be Different!

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