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Sometimes an album title fits or works on several levels and Movement by Inhale Exhale is one of those titles. From a simplistic standpoint, fans of metalcore will certainly find more than enough parts in these songs that inspire, well, Movement. On a deeper level, Movement represents a continuing shift in the sound of Inhale Exhale and also happens to coincide with their change in record labels and return from a brief hiatus.

Review: After three full length releases on Solid State Records (Tooth&Nail), ending with Bury Me Alive in 2009, Cleveland Ohio metalcore band Inhale Exhale return from a somewhat extended hiatus with the release of Movement on Red Cord Records. I had first heard Inhale Exhale back in 2006 with their first release The Lost. The Sick. The Sacred, and though metalcore is not my favorite genre, that release did have me hooked from the first track. That album starts out with a guitar opening that is somewhat foreboding and ominous sounding, like you know something bad is coming, just not when. Eventually, the song literally explodes after that and I found much of that album constructed the same way. There were a good variety of riffs and breakdowns and the clean signing which is so characteristic of metalcore, was done in a manner that fit well with the songs and is somewhat reminiscent of that found in current As I Lay Dying. Unpredictable would be a good way to describe the sound on The Lost. The Sick. The Sacred.

In contrast, predictable chaos would be how I would describe Movement. While that seems like a contradiction in terms, I think it makes sense when you look within the type of sound on Movement. Inhale Exhale seem to have shifted their sound to be more similar to metalcore bands that incorporate an element of chaos into their sound, like Norma Jean and the Chariot. After you listen to those bands and similar ones for a bit you get to the point where you know where the clean vocals will come in, when the breakdowns will be, and when the slower, melodic sections will erupt into a musical frenzy. Much of the impact gets lost and the sound becomes familiar, comfortable. That is my impression of Movement and really contrasts it with The Lost. The Sick. The Sacred. With Movement, I can’t help but feel that I’ve heard this before.

On the initial listen, I couldn’t help but notice the production seems a bit off as well. The vocals on “Aesthetics” especially struck me as odd as there is an underlying metallic echo to them that seems very out of place and that same character applies to the guitar as well. It’s easy to pick out in the beginning of that song and does carry through the rest of the album but your ears do adjust over time and not notice it as much. In general, the hard vocals and screaming are very well done and fit well within the songs, but the clean vocals seem almost forced and in some songs seem to be included to keep the songs fitting within a certain style. I found myself really liking parts of the songs as there are some good riffs and drumming but found my enjoyment interrupted by the clean vocals.

Rating: 5/10

Written By John Jackson

01. Aesthetics
02. Party Drama
03. A Poise for Poison
04. Mirage In The Middle Of Summer
05. The Collectors
06. Low
07. Carpe Diem
08. Ain’t No Trip To Cleveland
09. See You Later
10. Under Sheets Stained In Blood

Band members:
John LaRussa – Guitars
Ryland Raus – Vocals
Greg Smith – Bass
Tony Saffell – Drums

Record Label: Red Cord Records, Oct. 2012

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Holland & Worldwide: First Paradox Metalrecords

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