‘Infirmities’ Joins ‘Thumper Punk Records’, Split CD Release w/ ‘The Old-timers’


infirmitiesFrom The Alleyways and Streets of Salinas, California… Infirmities bring their unique style of High Velocity Thrash fused with 80’s Rock Solos and Hardcore Street Punk to The Thumper Punk Records Family. Having shared stages already with Legendary Punk Bands such as: Total Chaos, NME, The Secretions and Naked Aggression, the Band Musically Channels the Boldness and Power of Faith through Frantic but Tight Chords and Spirit-Filled Street Anthems Reflecting their Personal Experiences.

Infirmities features 20 Years of Punk Vocals Veteran, J-Son Infirmitie on [Vox], D.C. Shreds on [Guitar], Troy Polloi on [Bass] and Micah Skins on [Drums], each of whom have left their Previous Out of Control Punk Lifestyle but Remain Musically Influenced by The Exploited, Subhumans, GBH and Discharge. Get in The Pit Early for This Fast-Core Power Unit, because if “Ya Miss 2 Minutes… Then Ya Missed 2 Songs!”

Infirmities initial release will be a Split CD with Hardcore Punk Label Mates The Old-timers from South Africa. This Collaboration of Two Awesome Bands is currently scheduled for Release in April of 2013. Infirmities Debut Song on Thumper Punk Records “Saved!” is available on the “Punk For The Gospel” Benefit Compilation. The Band is also recording more songs for a 7’inch Vinyl E.P. Release in Late 2013.­­



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