Indonesian Avant Garde Metal Band Kekal” Releases First Single ‘Quiet Eye’ from Upcoming “Quantum Resolution” Album


‘Quiet Eye’ is the first song of the upcoming new Kekal album, the album which carries the title “Quantum Resolution” will be released in 2020. ‘Quiet Eye’ ican be streamed in the video below as well as streaming/download from various platforms.

What Resolution? Quantum Resolution! Welcome to 2019!

This is Jeff [Arwadi] again. I know it doesn’t sound nice to say “Happy New Year” because there’s nothing to brag about regarding the new year! But I have a reason to look forward to 2019 and the future in a more positive tone. One way to look forward to is to make a musical accompaniment, a some kind of soundtrack to play along as we are closing the chapter of this present age, and to enter a new one. In that regards, I am pleased to share the album cover of “Quantum Resolution”! (see photo – comments are more than welcomed, share to everybody what you think).

“Quantum Resolution” is the title for the upcoming Kekal album, the 12th full-length album. It is planned to be released sometime in the late 2020, although I can’t promise now that it will be released right on time, but we’ll get a broader picture now. I’ve started working on the first song already, called “Quiet Eye”, and as usual, this song will be released digitally in February or March 2019 and you will be able to stream and download it for free. Then, more songs will follow, one at a time, and when all the songs are ready then the album will be released in various formats, as usual. The music writing and production process will be slower compared to the 2018 album “Deeper Underground”, because my spare time for doing music is reduced now, so the gaps between the release of one song and the next one will be a little bit longer.

In reflection, 2018 was a terrible year for most of us. But we should be vigilant spiritually because we’ve already seen the early signs of the “birth pains”. By acknowledging this, we welcome the dawning of another age with open hearts, and we will get through the so-called tribulation or purification time. All the veils are getting lifted in an unprecedented rate right now. Lots of things are getting revealed, and the darkness and evil are being exposed by the light of truth. Many people are waking up from deceptions and are able to distinguish who are the real enemies of mankind: the spirit of the empires throughout the ages. Others start to realize who we are, the so-called “human race”. Right now, we are connecting all the “dots”, the bits and pieces of information and knowledge that were once missing or hidden/suppressed. This is the beginning of the most important time on Earth. So let’s be prepared of what’s coming. There will be an escalating amount and intensity of natural disasters of all kinds, and on the side there will be economic crisis, political crisis, social uprising and so on taking place all around the world. Maybe even down to a possible global war and nuclear catastrophe. The whole situation may get extremely ugly, but it’s part of the process of a renewal. It’s the moment when evil is to be removed, both physically and also supernaturally. There’s no need to be afraid, It is by God’s will that we are here now, so it is for a reason we will take role in witnessing and experiencing these events. These are part of the “adjustments” and “resetting” needed for our Mother Earth to go forward, as we embark on the new chapter.

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Kekal’s latest album “Deeper Underground” has been released last year August.

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Video (audio) for ‘Quiet Eye’


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