In Victory (w/ ex-Sabaton and Arion Members) Releases Sophomore Ep “Ecstasy of the Enlightened” (Album Preview Available)


Symphonic Power Metal band In Victory has released its 2nd Ep “Ecstasy of the Enlightened”. It features guest appearances from Rikard Sundén (Civil War, ex-Sabaton), Biggie Phanrath (Melodius Deite) and Gege Velinov (Arion).

In Victory combines might and elegance, creating an original blend of overwhelmingly energetic metal. The band’s compositions are enhanced by cinematic orchestral elements on top of fast melodies, generating an intense music experience that prompts listeners to stand up and break down any obstacle that gets in their way.

Majestic songs are the result of Víctor ‘V M-M’ (composition and guitars) joining forces with the skillful vocalist Mattias Lindberg (ex-Reinxeed) and Topias Kupiainen (Arion, soundtech of Stratovarius) on drums.

Reaching Eternity 03:14
Magic 03:17
The Prophecies Will Unfold 03:56

Video for “Ecstasy of the Enlightened”

In Victory‘s fine line-up and the quality of their music pieces have attired the attention of top-class international musicians and artists which have collaborated in the recordings. The list includes Rikard Sundén (Civil War, ex-Sabaton), Samy Saemann (ex-Freedom Call) and the novelist Nathan Long (author of the most popular Warhammer sagas).

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