In God We Trust – No Land In Sight


IGWT are a five-piece melodic hardcore band from Marl in Germany. This is their second EP.

IGWT is comprised of Timo Kube (vocals), Julius Kahl (guitar), Jonas Lübke (guitar), Timmy Nguyen (bass) and Ansgar Korf (drums). They have released two EP’s in ‘Roads Not Taken’ (2010) and ‘No Land In Sight’ (2011). They are also hoping to release a full length album later in the yea

As in their previous release, they also use the F word here. Its not done for shock tactics, as in Germany the use of English swear words is not seen as offensive, but just an expression of extreme emotions. ‘Legendary Awesomeness’ opens with deep growling, gang vocals and chugging guitar. There is a mixture of clear and growled vocals “This is your last time / Your last failure in this world / Say Goodbye / You let me down / For the last time”.

There are clean vocals in the early melodic parts of ‘Ashes’ followed by intensive drumming and death metal growling. It reprises with more clean vocals, technical riffing and pounding drums. “You’ve never shown any form / Of gratitude to this world / To this life and no one said / That it would be easy”.

The longest track is ‘Merciless’ and this allows for more progression. There are deep growls overlaying the clanging riffs, clean vocal parts and metalcore guitar parts “Sailing on an ocean of sinking ships / Feel the rage beneath the board / As waves come crashing in / Your life is going down / Is going down / No land in sight”. Jonas stated “This song is about a person who has lost interest/belief in god. It says that you can’t survive without belief in this world, that you’re going down, and that life is not secure. “Sailing on an ocean of sinking ships” means that there are many people who are losing their faith and they’re drowning in life, they have no direction, no hope. “Sailing on an ocean of sinking ships, feel the rage beneath the board” The rage beneath the board is the pressure you can feel in this world; that there are many reasons for not believing, and it’s hard to stay true. Love and compassion are some of the most important things”.

Rating: 7/10

Reviewed by Peter John Willoughby

Legendary Awesomeness


Jonas Lübke,
Julius Kahl,
Ansgar Korf,
Timo Kube,
Timmy Nguyen

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