‘Impending Doom’ – ‘Deceiver’ New Video Released


Christian death metal band Impending Doom released a brand new video for the song Deceiver. The track comes off the bands album Baptized In Filth. The video can be seen below.

The fourth full-length album from Impending Doom, sold 4,600 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 106 on The Billboard 200 chart.

Baptized In Filth was released on March 13. The CD was produced by Andreas Magnusson [The Black Dahlia Murder, The Famine] and was mixed by Machine, who has previously worked with Lamb Of God, Suicide Silence amd Demon Hunter, among others. [CD review]

Singer Brook Reeves:

“This video is a representation of the filthiness of sin that ultimately leads to hell and that is doesn’t matter If someone calls themselves a Christian with their mouth if they are not producing fruit in their lives. There are a lot of Christians out there who are fakes and will try and deceive you for power, money, or other lusts of the flesh especially in these last days. So it’s up to genuine, real, and courageous Christians to stand up and speak truth and not compromise.”

Commented bassist David Sittig, “‘Baptized In Filth’ represents the mindless indulgance and self-worship in the vile world we live in. This album is meant to scare the hell out of you!”

Impending Doom is Brook Reeves on vocals, Cory Johnson on guitar, David Sittig on bass and Brandon “B-Town” Trahan on drums.

Impending Doom‘s third full-length album, There Will Be Violence, was released on July 20, 2010 via Facedown Records. The CD was recorded at Lambesis Studios with Daniel Castleman [As  I Lay Dying, Winds Of Plahue, War Of Ages] and it features guest appearances by Tim Lambesis of As I Lay Dying and Vincent Bennett of The Acacia Strain.

Impending Doom‘s ‘Baptized in Filth‘ is available now via eOne at iTunes and Amazon.

1. Murderer
2. For the Wicked
3. Chaos: Reborn
4. Deceiver
5. Falling Away
6. Absolute Horror
7. Angry Letters to God
8. Baptized in Filth
9. My Light Unseen
10. Death. Ascension. Resurrection

Upcoming Shows:
Jun 27 2012 Vans Warped Tour, Chula Vista, CA
Jun 28 2012 Vans Warped Tour, Scottsdale, AZ
Jun 29 2012 Vans Warped Tour, Las Cruces, NM
Jun 30 2012 Vans Warped Tour, San Antonio, TX
Jul 01 2012 Vans Warped Tour, Houston, TX
Jul 03 2012 Vans Warped Tour, Dallas, TX
Jul 05 Downtown Music Hall, Little Rock, AR
Jul 06 Rockettown, Nashville, TN
Jul 07 Gallery 13, Columbus, GA
Jul 08 Sector 7G, Augusta, GA
Jul 09 Blue’s Rock, Jacksonville Beach, FL
Jul 10 RocketTown, Pompano Beach, FL
Jul 11 The State Theatre, St Petersburg, FL
Jul 12 The Alabama Music Box, Mobile, AL
Jul 13 The Station, Broussard, LA
Jul 14 Zero’s, Corpus Christi, TX
Jul 15 Texas Republic, Lubbock, TX
Jul 16 Launchpad, Albuquerque, NM
Jul 26 The Tomb/Praise Chapel Church, San Bernardino, CA
Jul 27 Scream It LIke You Mean It 2012 – Soma, San Diego, CA
Jul 28 Scream It Like You Mean It 2012 – Fremont East District, Las Vegas, NV
Jul 29 Scream It Like You Mean It 2012 – Oakland Metro Operahouse, Oakland, CA
Jul 31 Scream It LIke You Mean It 2012 – In The Venue, Salt Lake City, UT
Aug 01 Scream It Like You Mean It 2012 – The Summit Music Hall, Denver, CO
Aug 03 Scream It Like You Mean It 2012 – Val Air Ballroom , Des Moines, IA
Aug 04 Scream It Like You Mean It 2012 – The Rave, Milwaukee, WI
Aug 05 Scream It Like You Mean It 2012 – The Crofoot , Pontiac, MI
Aug 06 Scream It Like You Mean It 2012 – The Bottom Lounge, Chicago, IL
Aug 07 Scream It Like You Mean It 2012 – Peabody’s, Cleveland, OH
Aug 08 Skully’s Music Diner, Columbus, OH
Aug 08 Scream It Like You Mean It 2012 – Infinity, Buffalo, NY
Aug 09 Scream It Like You Mean It 2012 – Stage AE, Pittsburgh, PA
Aug 10 Scream It Like You Mean It 2012 – Crocodile Rock, Allentown, PA
Aug 11 Scream It Like You Mean It 2012 – Sonar, Baltimore, MD

The Baptized In Filth Australian Tour
Sept. 5th – Musicman Megastore, Bendigo [AA]
Sept. 6th – Karova Lounge, Ballarat [18+]
Sept. 7th – Black Market, Adelaide [18+]
Sept. 8th – Bang, Melbourne [18+]
Sept. 9th – Thornbury Theatre, Melbourne [AA]
Sept. 12th – Expressive Grounds, Gold Coast [AA]
Sept. 13th – Snitch, Brisbane [18+]
Sept. 14th – Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle [18+]
Sept. 15th – Big Exo Day, Parramatta Park, Parramatta [AA]
Sept. 16th – The Wall, Bald Faced Stag, Sydney [18+]

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