‘Immortal Souls’ To Play ‘Xnoizz Flevo Festival 2012’


Finnish winter metal band Immortals Souls is added to the line up for the 35 edition of Xnoizz Flevo Festival, next month, 16th till the 19th of August in Apeldoorn, the  Netherlands.

Their latest album is titled IV: The Requiem For The Art of Death. The album will be released October 7th. 2011 [Europe] via Dark Balance and October 11th. 2011 [US] via Facedown Records. IV:The Requiem for the Art of Death is their first release since 2007′s Wintereich. Read here our cd review. And check out their music video for Nuclear Winter, the video can be seen below.

In october/november 2011 Immortal Souls and Becoming The Archetype toured trough Europe with the World Domination Tour.  Pictures from their Brainstorm Festival show [Netherlands] can be found HERE

Another interesting names are Diamondog [NO],  ME  [NL], Norma Jean [US], Aaron Gillepsie [US], The Almost [US].

The Xnoizz Flevo Festival is organized each year by Youth for Christ in cooperation with the youth organization of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands (JOP) and the evangelical broadcasting company EO. At this moment, preparations for the next annual event, starting on the 16thof August are underway. The Xnoizz Flevo Festival is held for the 35th time in 2012.

The Xnoizz Flevo Festival is a four (4) day, Christian event with a total of about 10,000 in attendance. The majority of people who come are between 15 and 25 years of age. Most of the people camp for the 4-day event. A broad selection of music, workshops, theatre, lectures, etc. is offered. More than 200 programs and concerts from various stages and locations are offered. The Xnoizz Flevo Festival will be held from the 16th till the 19th of August 2012 in Bussloo near Apeldoorn in the Netherlands

Each year a special theme is chosen for the festival. The vision and mission of the festival is as follows: The Xnoizz Flevo festival is, as much as possible, meant to help the youth in the Netherlands to get to know the heart of the christian faith and give form to, develop and strengthen their character and become relevant for society. The Xnoizz Flevo Festival offers through music, programs and meetings a safe place in which young people can develop themselves in an unrestrained environment, not by giving them any particular standpoint, but exposing them to various opinions and standpoints.

Xnoizz Flevo Festival is…
simply relaxing in the grass or enthusiastically enjoying a concert in front of the main stage or…eating good food with friends in the sun or…a quiet moment… or…laughing at a cabaret performance or… getting involved in a discussion with a politician or speaker. There are workshops in various activities, those who are more into sports can join soccergames and much more. You can also take a dive in the lake. The program is scattered all over the festival grounds, there are several big and small tents and platforms.  The Xnoizz Flevo Festival is an indescribable experience for all. Check it out! See other pages of this website for more  information about bands, speakers and ticket sales.

For tickets and/or more info on Xnoizz Flevo Festival

Xnoizz Flevo Festival 2011: Review / Pictures [Video Impression Below]

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