‘Hostile Array’ (fka My Ransomed Soul) Drops ‘Devoid’ Music Video


Hostile Array (formerly known as My Ransomed Soul) teamed up with metalunderground.com for the premiere of their ‘Devoid’ music video. The track appears on their upcoming debut album which will be released later this year.

“We have exacerbated issues due to a long history of foreign intervention,” explains vocalist Brendan Frey. “We have been waging endless wars for years. The majority doesn’t seem to understand the concept of blowback. We dehumanize others by adopting an us vs. them mentality. We excuse countless civilian casualties, referring to them as ‘collateral damage.’ The blame is on both sides of the political spectrum.”

Politics and art have a long history together. Music, in particular, has been used to protest, educate, and even to propagandize. Hailing from Frederick, Maryland, Hostile Array aims to bring the band’s own unapologetic perspective to an increasingly divisive culture.

“We have allowed fear and ignorance to influence our culture for far too long” comments Frey. “We go to war based on false narratives. We give up our rights in the name of security. We place our faith in the government, which by nature uses its power to oppress. In order to bring about any real change, our society will need to drastically shift its perception.”

The band consists of: Brendan Frey, Garrison Frey, Hector Fernandez, Fredy Menjivar, Andrew Markle

Upcoming Shows:
Aug 04 Raw Ink Live Gaithersburg, MD

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Video for ‘Devoid’

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