‘Heirs Of Isildur’ – A New Project of ‘Royal Anguish’ Frontman ‘Matt Knowles’, Debuts ‘Shiver’ Single/Lyric Video


‘Heirs Of Isildur’ is a new project of ‘Matt Knowles’ (Royal Anguish). The very first single for the upcoming musical release “The Crossroads Conundrum” has been unveiled. The song is called ‘Shiver’, and it has materialized into this reality in the form of a lyric video. Check it out below.

He said: As many of you may (or may not know), ‘back in the day’ I had a pretty lengthy ‘career’ toiling around in the metal music underground. I released a bunch of CDs, got to meet and work with some really kickass people, and had some lifechanging experiences…  but after so many years of that grind and a lot of other ‘not so savory’ happenings, I was burnt out… circumstances just made it such that I needed to step away completely and entirely, and maybe for good. For the past few years I was resigned to just being ‘a fan’, and I  was fine with that. I was a musician and songwriter on ‘indefinite hiatus’, and it looked like being involved in anything musical was something in the rear view mirror. But as fate would have it, and after a series of more-than-coincidental occurrences, it became clear that I could not continue to suppress the smoldering internal embers any longer. Things have come full circle and as of today I am ready to officially announce my new project: HEIRS OF ISILDUR.

SO WHAT IS IT? Heirs is one part music, one part literature, and whole lot of fantasy universe storyline. The debut full length release, “THE CROSSROADS CONUNDRUM,” will come out some time later this year and it will be a musical album AND a supporting e-book. For TODAY however, the first advance single and lyric video (and look into the universe) is upon us, for the song ‘SHIVER’.

Here’s  the tagline: “What if you woke up one day and everything had changed? What if your entire village and all the lands you knew were completely destroyed? WHAT IF every person was dead and gone? WHAT WOULD YOU DO? HOW WOULD YOU SURVIVE?

I would be remiss if I didn’t give a few shoutouts to people that have supported me and my vision so far… this is nowhere near a full list, just a few names that I feel appropriately need to be in  the first post about this project: My family for putting up with the  incredible amoint of repetitive music listening, Ross Noble (ECNL Sanford 2K15 truly pushed me over the edge man), Corey Steger, Cassie Morris, Hulyan Bolsoni Minosso @ Pontilado (Brazil) for the fine work on the lyric video, #sirencroft Cosplay, Michael Cortada, Sean C Tibbetts (Sault / Kamelot)… and there are so many more… I could throw about 30 more people on here, but you all know exactly who you are… I hope you all enjoy. And I hope you all will support and share.

There will be a lot more info coming about this project soon. That’s enough for now… just never forget THE TIMELINE STARTS TO UNRAVEL NOW…

Royal Anguish‘s latest album “A Journey Through The Shadows Of Time” has been released June 2nd, 2006 through Fear Dark Records.

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Lyric Video: ‘Shiver’

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