India Based Metal Band R.A.I.D Releases Debut Single Off Upcoming Album “Defiance”


As much as hardcore and thrash metal feeds off of aggression and challenging societal norms, Hyderabad, India-based NYHC influenced band R.A.I.D would pleasantly alter this belief with their Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) based ideology.

Beyond their PMA based lyrical content, the band brings together relentless double-bass drumming, groove-laden guitar work and the occasional breakdown. Following their sophomore album Imperium released in 2019 through Rottweiler Records, the hardcore/crossover thrash band has released a new song called ‘Alpha.

Frontman Rueban Issac says about the track:

“The song Alpha is based on a quote by Muhammad Ali; “Don’t quit, suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.” A real alpha man/woman will do whatever it takes to achieve his/her goals, even if it means standing alone.”

Alpha is the first single taken from the band’s upcoming album “Defiance” which will be released March 25 via Rottweiler Records.

1. Defiance
2. Shattered Beliefs
3. Alpha
4. True Wisdom
5. I Against I
6. Fearless
7. From The Ashes

Video for ‘Alpha’

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