Italian Metal Band ‘Great Master’ Releases ‘Shine On’ Lyric Video


Underground Symphony is proud to announce the lyric video of ‘Shine On’, the first song of the fourth Great Master full length called “Skull and Bones – Tales From Over The Sea”.

‘Shine On’ is the first chapter of an epic story told in “Skull And Bones” the beginning of the concept and events that will lead to hiding an immense treasure on Skeleton Island as told in the TV series “Black Sails”. This is The Golden Age of Piracy!

From here Robert Louis Stevenson will begin to write his famous novel “The Treasure Island”.

The album will be available from November 14th on and in digital version in the best music web stores.


Hostis Humani Generis
Shine On
Urca De Lima
Over The Seas
A Hanged Man
The Black Spot
Long John Silver
Towards The Sunset
Skeleton Island
Skull And Bones

Lyric video for ‘Shine On’

Band Members:
Stefano Sbrignadello – Vocals
Jahn Carlini – Guitars
Manuel Menin – Guitars
Massimo David – Bass
Max Penzo – Drums
Giorgio Peccenini – Piano & Keyboards

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