Grave Robber, ‘The Beast Within’ – Exclusive Lyric Video Premiere


Horror punk band ‘Grave Robber’ have teamed up with The Metal Resource to bring you the exclusive premiere of the new lyric video for ‘The Beast Within.’ The song is taken from  their latest album “Escaping the Grave” which is released April 13th. via Rottweiler Records. The video can be watched below.

Frontman Wretched says: “We are extremely excited to unleash this tale of terror on an unsuspecting world. It’s been seven years since our last offering of horror and now we are finally seeing Escaping The Grave come to fruition. We sincerely hope that the new record is one that encourages, uplifts, entertains and maybe send shivers down your spine. More importantly. . . may The Reanimator be glorified!” 

For fans of: The Misfits, Alice Cooper, Ramones

Hard at work horrifying the masses since 2005, Grave Robber have been anything but idle. Combining bouncy, catchy percussion with riffs and guitar solos as sharp as Dracula’s fangs, Grave Robber‘s rugged and raunchy releases – “Be Afraid”, “Inner Sanctum”, Exhumed”, “You’re All Gonna Die”, and “Straight To Hell” – have garnered these horror rockers well deserved press from acclaimed punk and metal outlets alike for a good reason. Each song by these prolific punks creates an immersive and haunting atmosphere that has listeners so engaged that they are constantly glancing over their shoulders wondering if Grave Robber is coming for them next.

To answer the question of what comes next, one need look no further than Grave Robber’s new full length “Escaping The Grave”, a slamming, rollicking dose of punk rock mayhem laced with a lyrical condemnation of evil and celebration of reanimation. Grave Robber shows no sign of slowing down and similar to a herd of zombies, their fan base continues to expand as Grave Robber’s musical message of hope married to their theatrical delivery infects more unsuspecting victims.

Check out our review of “Escaping The Grave” here.

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Lyric video for ‘The Beast Within’



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