‘Gorilla Warfare’ Release New Album “Show Your Teeth”


Gorilla warfareHardcore/metal band Gorilla Warfare just released a brand new album which carries the title “Show Your Teeth”. 8 New songs of crushing Hardcore and Metal. Continuing to blend and incorporate both genres of heavy music into their own sound these songs will appeal to fans of bands like Hatebreed, Slayer, Ringworm, Integrity, and Sheer Terror.

While most bands that write songs about War can only write about what they see in movies or read in the news Gorilla Warfare is able to write from first hand experience as all members have served in the Military and are combat veterans that have lived through the surreal trials of War. This album features a double guitar attack, pounding drums, galloping bass and all out vocal assault that will resonate with fans of Heavy music.

Gorilla Warfare have been a band for more ten years, released several albums independently, and played hundreds of shows with many nationally known touring bands.

Their last but one album “Trial By Combat” EP has been released Jan. 2014, our review can be found here.

The band is composed of: Brett Wade– Vocals and Lyrics, Steve Holy– Bass, Cory Followill– Guitar, Eli Kelly– Drums, Matt Lawrence-Guitars


Weblinks: Bandcamp / Facebook

Video below: “Show Your Teeth” (Album Preview)

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