German based Metalcore-Pop band ‘Texas Local News’ New Album “Momentum” Out May 6th.


Texas_Local_News_7daGerman based Metalcore-Pop band Texas Local News will release their new album “Momentum” on May 6th. through Redfield Records (a division of Redfield Records). Check out the music video for ‘Disclosure’ below.

Female- and male-fronted, polyphonic vocals, eclectic screams, supported by a band that easily unites the two extremes metalcore and pop.

Founded in 2011, Texas Local News made their first appearance with the EP “We Are Pandora” in autumn 2012 and set their own landmarks from the very beginning: A female singer and metalcore – that works perfectly! In the following year, the band already played a number of festivals in all parts of Germany and was able to impress on the big stages as well. With their energetic live show Texas Local News have been able to gain a devoted fan-base with over 150 shows in their home country and abroad. The online-community was also taken by storm with the releases of the videos for ‘Time And Reason’ (2013) and ‘Disclosure’ (2016).

The next step is crystal clear: The production of the first longplayer ‘Momentum’. The album was produced in cooperation with Daniel Haniß (Eskimo Callboy) and Simon Yildirim (To The Rats and Wolves). To create what they call themselves metalcore-pop, Texas Local News once again rely on their trademarks: polyphonic vocals collide with powerful screams, melancholic lyrics with tremendous, melodic choirs.

But enough talking: When “Momentum” is released worldwide on May 6 via Redfield DigitalTexas Local News are already in shape for the coming shows and an exciting festival summer – ready to leave you speechless!

The band is comprised of: Carla Janiel – Vocals, Timo Giesecke – Bass/Vocals, Moritz Helmstädter – Guitar, Uwe Michel – Guitar, Fabian Dührssen – Drums.


01. Clear Lines 3:45
02. Refuge 4:10
03. Karma 4:21
04. Borders 4:22
05. Disclosure 4:14
06. Here’s to You 4:06
07. Whisper the Words 4:55
08. Caught in Dreams 4:21
09. Gravity 4:06
10. Silence 3:17


Weblinks: Facebook / iTunes / Spotify / Instagram

Video below: ‘Disclosure’

Video below: ‘Clear Lines’


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