‘Frühstück’ To Release New Album, Video Update Posted


fruhstuck2Polish rock band Frühstück are working on new material. The new album will be released in the end of this year. A video update can be seen below, the video also contains a rough mix of a new song “Kick’n’yell”. 

Fruhstuck‘s latest album Quiet was released Jan. 2012, and is available on CD Baby. Our album review can be find here.

Frühstück [pronounced ‘froosh-tuk’, which loosely translates to ‘breakfast’ in German] was formed in 1997. After some lineup adjustments, Frühstück is Martijn Krale, formely No Longer Music [vocals], Wojtek Karel [bass], Tomek Kuzbik [drums], and Marcin Karel [guitars]. Their debut album ‘Mine’, was released in late 2000, followed by ‘Muza’ [with a supporting tour which included performances at Cornerstone and Sonshine Festival] in 2003; an EP entitled ‘Mud’ in April 2005, followed by EP’s “Be Careful” in 2007, and “Follow” in 2010.

With influences such as Muse, A Perfect Circle, U2 and King’s X, their music has a definite eclectic “feel” to it which is extremely pleasing to a wide range of listening ears.

In December of last year we did an interview with vocalist Martijn Krale, check it out here.

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