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Frühstück is a four man band that hail out of Poland and play a melodic hard rock reminiscent of bands like King’s X. “Quiet” is their third full album release, and have also released 2 EP’s. There debut release was in 2003 with their album titled ‘Mine’, second release titled, “Muza”in 2003 and EP in 2005 called “Mud” and again in 2007 they released the EP, “Be careful”. Frühstück consist of Martijn Krale (vocals), Wojtek Karel (bass), Tomek Kuzbik (drums), and Marcin Karel (guitars).

On this outing, Frühstück exercise their ability to deliver an album that makes a great noise whilst expressing their faith and hope in God as vocalized in one of the songs titled, “Song Of Deliverance” – “…Lord revive me – You’re the strength of my heart, You heal and restore, we’ll never be apart, When doubts fill my mind, Your truth gives me hope, Oh Lord revive me”. Throughout the album they manage to maintain a perfect balance between melodic rock and up-tempo modern rock music, offering a fresh and vibrant sound that echoes qualities of some of the great rock bands of the late 80’s and 90’s . There is an abundance of great driving crunching guitars (“Twister Of Life”, “Quiet”, “Songs Of Deliverance” and “Hope”) with good bass lines (“All we need”and “Follow”)entwined with strong melodious hooks (“All We Need”) and delectable grooves (“Pig”). The greater strength of the album is found in their song writing ability, each song’s lyrics help push the quality of the musical delivery up, and hence where some songs fall short musically, they are given strength lyrically (“BC” and “Louder Than Words”). If there are to be songs that one might be inclined to find bland or boring, causing ones finger to push the ‘next’ button on ones player it would be the following, “That’s The Way”, “Kid”, “Grow Up” and “Nothing Is Impossible”. It’s not that these songs are totally bad, but rather the fact that the other songs are so much better. This album is not a technical master piece but what it does do where it lacks in technicality it more than makes up in its ability to give one a good rocking time.

This high quality album is a passionate expression of their faith. The overall performance is tight and the majority of the songs are memorable plays. “Quiet” in short is an enjoyable album, and will appeal to a wide range of listeners. Influences include the Muse, A Perfect Circle, U2 and King’s X. For fans of bands like Galactic Cowboys, Atomic Opera infused with a bit of U2.

My favourite tracks (“Pig”, “Twister of Life”, “Songs of Deliverance”)

Rating: 8/10

Review by: Donovan de Necker

Twister of life
Louder than words
Song of deliverance
Grow up
Nothing is impossible
All we need
That’s the way

Band members:
Martijn Krale – vocals
Wojtek Karel – bass
Tomek Kuzbik – drums
Marcin Karel – guitars

Mine’ (2000)
Muza’ (2003)
Mud’ EP (2005)
Be Careful’(2007)

Record Label: Youngside Records, 2012

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