Unblack Metal Band Frost Like Ashes to Release “Hoarfrost: The Compendium” (Entire Catalog)


Here it is. The entire Frost Like Ashes catalog prior to their recent “Fellowship Of Suffering” release. “Hoarfrost: The Compendium” will be released May 13th. 2022 via Rottweiler Records.

This is the complete early works of America’s greatest Christian black metal band on one handy dandy double disc package.


Remastered by Derek From.

Disc one track listing:
1) A Terrible Visitation
2) Desecrator
3) Of Spirit And Power
4) Nightfall’s Cold Kiss
5) A Cruel Verse
6) Crucifixion
7) Execution By Fire
8) Shattered Gods
9) Lord Of Darkness
10) Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence (Rehearsal)
11) A Cruel Verse (Rehearsal
12) Adorers Of Blood (Rehearsal)

Disc two track listing:
1) Notions Of Insanity
2) A Cruel Verse
3) Adorers Of Blood
4) After Forever
5) Immortals (Demo)
6) Born to Pieces
7) Pale Shadows
8) Immortals
9) Plan 2
10) When The Man Comes Around
11) Nightfall’s Cold Kiss (A Treasury of Sorrows Version)
12) Let all Mortal Flesh Keep Silence
13) Nightfalls Cold Kiss (Acoustic)


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