Frank Needs Help – “Dethroned” EP


Frank Needs Help is a metalcore/deathcore-band from Bern, Switzerland. The band was founded in July, 2011. They are influenced by bands as; August Burns Red, As I Lay Dying, Thy Art Is Murder, Impending Doom and Fit For A King, to name a few. In 2015 they won the PH Bern bandcontest. After having released an album in 2013 “The Storm Is Still Raging”, it is now time for their sophomore EP “Dethroned”.

The album begins with an intro, called ‘Embryo’, of 1:10 minutes, this is an intro that gets you exited for what is to come. The intro flows fluently into the first actual track of the album called ‘Mexican Standoff’. This is a rather long song of 8:06 minutes. But it isn’t boring at all, they go from one direction to another. Sometimes brutal and heavy and then interspersed with acoustic parts to pick up again where they left with blistering riffs. The screams are typical Deathcore-screams which remind me a bit of Unseen Faith from time to time.

‘Tunnel Digger’ is an up-tempo song which begins with a nice fill on the drums. This is a typical song that gets you moving if you want it or not. At some parts we hear some eastern influences and of course the obligated breakdowns.

The fourth track ‘False Prophet’ has a constant lingering riff and the tempo’s are changed brilliantly by the drums. This song also has an acoustic part roughly halfway of the song. It is a welcome change from all the mayhem. We hear some true musicianship at these points and also a great song-writing capacity.

The album rages forth with ‘Fake Promises’ which meet the expectations so no fake promise here. This song features Remo from Reigning Depravity and Myriam from Askara which provide some beautiful clean vocals. And did I mention the pig-squeels?

The last song ‘Follower’ begins acoustic but the serenity doesn’t last long. Before you know it they hit you where it hurts with a heaviness that is causing an earthquake if you play it too loud. And at the end of the song the album is fading out with the same theme as in the intro.

What I find rather pleasing is the melodic element that is found throughout the entire EP from time to time, it is not only brutal metal that you hear. There are some subtle melodic parts in most of the songs.

I want to compliment the band with a production that gives room to every instrument, it is all mixed very well. And a much heard complaint about Deathcore is that people say: “it is breakdown after breakdown”. Well Frank Needs Help proofs them wrong! The EP is diverse enough with breakdowns, melodies, blastbeats etcetera, to keep it interesting, even for the metal-elitists.

Conclusion: Highly recommended!

Rating: 8/10

Written by: René Woning

1. Embryo
2. Mexican Standoff
3. Tunnel Digger
4. False Prophet
5. Fake Promises
6. Follower

Band members:
Jérome Frutiger
Christian Leu
Raphael Brunner
Markus Gerber
Raphael Beyeler
Lukas Hadersberger

“The Storm Is Still Raging” (2013)
“Dethroned” EP (2016)

Record label: Profimusic, Profimedia, August 2016

Weblinks: Facebook  / Twitter

Buy the album here:
Holland: First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission

Lyric video: ‘False Prophet’

Video for ‘Fake Promises’

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